Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Regards Land of rising sun

No need to say how intense and rage was the waves washout Japan after a strong earthquake which we all see on constant videos, want us to share mourn and set condolence waves to reach our fellow beings who suffer from the greater devastation and indefinite loss of lives that we all wish to come into cease. The thoughts have been around them these days and keeping in touch with news about the rescue operations and wishing the nuclear reactors are prevented from radiation which cause a greater alarm to people who suffered a lot and we no more to see them affect with the explosion and fail to cool reactors.
The tsunami has one again make realize at large how wealth we are couldn’t rescue from this disaster and seems precaution has helped them to save lot of lives except those lose to waves. Earthquakes and tsunamis are not new to Japanese who set their lives on motion and often trembles are an example to be courageous and rise from where lives have been shattered to ashes and debris and come foremost in line of technologies and ideas are sure to prove again they are no fainter.

Couldn’t avoid thoughts seeing the tides crush through sand while at beach on Sunday, we talked and remembered about our devastation from Indian Ocean tsunami which we are somehow glad to be unlike Japan which washout about 10km offshore is something partial to close Chennai. I am somehow fear to waves from childhood and hardly have memories standup at sea waves and after tsunami I am little more scared if tides are unusual or rage.

It’s really hard to image life without electric which we all entirely depend on need and even an hour current cut cause annoy and disturbance but there millions without electric is seriously a problem and lack of water to drink and lose of homes and livelihoods has brought life to the edge with minus temperature to survive. More over the scare over the leak of nuclear reactors has began to threaten people immensely sending away wakeup call for every nation to make sure their reactors are secure to withstand certain disasters. Things happen and we couldn’t change or stop the reaction and we are to learn lessons how to survive when such disaster strike us somehow. Let hope all our heartfelt wishes and condolence rays console their unconditional lose to waves and prevent radiation.


Eden said...

Nice post and very well said . I am so sad about what happened to Japan. And my prayers goes out to all the people in Japan.

Thank you for all your nice comments. Greatly appreciated.

V Rakesh said...


Rajesh said...

The devastation caused by tsunami in Japan is very tragic. The rising temperature in nuclear reactors is horrifying. I hope things will return to normal at the earliest.

Dawn....सेहर said...

It is sad what has happened and the way media is banking on this...makes others scary too.
My heart goes out for the people of Japan...prayers for the family.

Very thoughtful post..