Sunday, April 24, 2011

Off to Blue Mountains

Hoping for less traveled western catchment areas and exploring more destinations of the endless nature and beauty of the Nilgiris. Here some pictures captured from my previous visit to Blue Mountains.

blue mountains
blue Mountains
lovely landscape
lovely landscape
green valley
green valley
pretty pansies
Blue delphinium
blue delphinium


V Rakesh said...

Awesome! Thanks so much Jeevan!

This is where I belong and no place on Earth would appeal to me better than this!

Priya said...

Great pictures and love the caption of ur title.

Anna said...

Jeevan my friend, these are beautiful scenic photos. I am glad that miles apart we still share the same flowers. Hope all is well with you, and as always I appreciate your visit to my blog. Anna :)

Kalyan said...

Would love to have been with you in this enchanting exploration of the Nilgiris. Someday wish to explore the Southern frontier too.

Rajesh said...

Amazingly beautiful landscapes and lovely flowers.

Lakshmi said...

beautiful flowers and some great shots - hope you get to go there again

geeth said...

Beautiful shots. Hope you get a chance to visit the place again.. any plans?

Devika said...

Beautiful photos Jeevan...Nilgiris and its neelakurinji ever enticing....need to go there when neelakuriji blooms :)


cyclopseven said...

Superb shots.Love the blue delphinium. Simply mesmerising. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip.