Sunday, May 22, 2011

Leaving to Garden City

The garden city is the nickname of Bangalore which has many gardens to derive its names from. I have come across Bangalore couple of time but only now got a chance to stay over and discover the places those are familiar with names of garden.

One of our friends, who come to know and become familiar via blog, had invited us to her home in Bangalore. The plan has been on consider for very long time and only get approved by us now, so leaving to Bangalore tomorrow with a list of places to visit and take rest in the presence of much better and very pleasant weather unlike Chennai, and moreover it’s the warmth and care wanted us to stay at her place.

Here I come up with few pictures captured from the Botanical Garden in Ooty, from our latter visit.
Fern House
The Fern House (above pic) in the Ooty Botanical Garden is home to many ferns and orchids. Established in 1894, this house is dedicated to W.C. Mc. Ivor, in whose response the Garden has been developed to this stage from the then a patch of vegetable garden and wilderness of Shola and shrubs and the lower part as a swamp traversed by deep ravines.
Green lawns of Ooty Botanical Garden
Green lawns of Ooty Botanical Garden
Flowers show in Ooty Botanical Garden
Display of flowers : Ooty, famous for its annual flower show had begun recently in the botanical garden, with varieties of roses and flowering plants at display, and creation of sculptures using colorful flowers. Keeping in mind of India won the World Cup in cricket, a floral replica had been created which expected to attract more visitors this year.


Devika said...

Those photos are so beautiful and nice reading about your visit to blog-friends, Jeevan..happy journey...and look forward to your coming back with travelogues and photos :)


Priya said...

Awesome pics Jeevan. Good job indeed. Travel and pics are something never to be missed.

Babli said...

Thanks for your sweet comments.
I have been to Botanical Garden, Ooty about 5 years before. You have taken very beautiful pictures. The flowers looks bright, gorgeous and colourful. Amazing place and feel like visiting again and again. You must have enjoyed a lot.

V Rakesh said...

Brilliant pictures, Jeevan!

Dawn said...

Amazing....first of all traveling to see these beautiful flowers - nature has its ways to show us the true colors which brings colors to our life too :-)
Beautiful and enjoyed every bit of this post...keep up the good work dear

Rajesh said...

Beautiful images from gardens of Ooty.

Lakshmi said...

lovely flowers..oh, so you are here in Bangalore ? Im just heading for madras

Babli said...

You are welcome at my new post-

eden said...

Beautiful photos . Love the place. Thank you for sharing.