Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sony, the sound of music

The electric which goes off often these has gone immense without a limit and extends beyond the scheduled times has become a challenge for everybody and the worst thing was as it goes away at mid-day when heat waves fold away. People believed the new government will solve this problem as soon it take oath, but whoever forms the govt. could not do anything unless wind blows, rain stores the reservoirs or plants produce high electric.

Its sorrow to see people suffer from power outage and its wonder how some act like that only now it’s getting hot and experiencing a summer for the first time that heading out home or the a/c room will burn into ashes. I’m not against people getting comfort from a/c rooms and getting cool themselves from summer heat but speaking without sense struck me hard as if they are the only survivors in this universe and those works for sum under the scorching sun will do with no option to survive.

Ok. Come to the post, it’s a dream come true for me after days or years of waiting for a best sound system that could content my heart listening to music and watching movies. It’s more than a decade I went to an enclosed theater where sound quality would be best at experiencing a quite movie but being a regular visitor to a Drive-In theater was not that greater to say about sound except good viewing at our leisure.

I always believe Sony is the best for music and so brought a home theater with lot of expectation that could meet my LED TV and satisfy me in various forms in which getting a best sound system and easy to control which has never become balanced so far. The new DVD Home Theater (DAV-TZ210) was the least cheap and best product from the Sony connects almost all digital devices which response in high definition and controls all connectivity in one remote.

I’m overjoyed by the product and listening to my favorite music and songs sounds so good and best at tempo and clear bass discovers many hidden species so far appears nothing and I haven’t checked with movies yet the installation has not done, the system is waiting for the company guys to demo and arrange the speakers. I connected few speakers and woofer with the help of mum and wonder how would it sound if surround speakers installed at its position. Awe... I am so happy with it and enjoying one of my passions for music and cinema.


Kavi said...

Congratulations on the Sony ! its an awesome system ! I have one and havent had many days go by without listening to it ! :)

good luck !

R. Ramesh said...

super blog saar..keep the they say if v dont smile, smile will not smile at us:)

R. Ramesh said...

super blog saar..keep the they say if v dont smile, smile will not smile at us:)

Eden said...

Sony is very good and I love to have one. I hope this coming Christmas I can get one.

Dawn said...

Congrats! I can understand the feeling of it dear...since Music is soul to me and so I can relate it very well here :)
Enjoy your toy :)

Anonymous said...

Bad Sound

Jeevan said...

Thank you kavi! Yes, it sounds wonderful.

Thank you saar. Welcome to my space with similes :)

All the best Eden! Hope you enjoy the sounds.

Thanks dear dawm. There is none dislikes the music.

Anonymous – Thank u.