Monday, January 23, 2012

விளம்பரம் / Advertisement

Cute lass
ஒப்பனை இல்லா அழகி
உன்னை அழுக்காகி அழகாக்குது
இந்த வர்த்தக உலகம்
விளம்பர வாயிலாக.

A miss without makeup
is spoiled to then turn pretty
by the business world
through advertisement.

சாம்பல் பூசியா வெள்ளைக்காரி
வெளுப்பானால் விளம்பரத்தில்
முயற்சி பண்ணி முடங்கிபோனால்
மாநிற மங்கை.

Gray smeared whitey
bleached by commercial
thus locked up after a try
the brown women.


The poem came as an inspiration via annoy of watching the skincare advertisements on television, where dusk girls become so bright and white in color in seconds which i feel quite fake and its only girls who own white skin is possible. I change the channel if any skincare ads come on and not alone skincare, the eye-care and haircare.

The photo was captured from the-week magazine, long ago, and the girl in the picture naming Neha Sargam looked very cute and impressed me to capture through macro.


Ramya Ranganathan said...

very true jeevan.. its ok to use the product to maintain your good skin.. but changing your appearance/colour is hype!!

George said...

I also find some commercials to be complete fakery. I'm surprised that anyone would buy those products.

Thank you for visiting my site.

LadyFi said...

So true - I really do hate adverts, especially those meant for women. Everything is faked and photoshopped these days and no one really looks like the models in the ads.

kalaiselvisblog said...

yeah... its all fake... i used to think twice or thrice whether it will suit me or not...

like Ramya said, it should maintain our skin in a natural way....

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem.

Anonymous said...

its true !!!

It is magic !!!

most advs related to ladies is shown between 6pm-10pm.

your poem is also nice...


monu said...

i love your poem.. you have written it very well.. you should more like this.. :)

Ponniyinselvan said...

In you there is a great poet.while seeing you no one would guess that such great talent is hiding in you.superb .go ahead.

Online Ads said...

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