Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RIP S.N. Lakshmi

She has passed away now but her role has been extreme and she is one of the long stood actors in Tamil cinema and even few days for her last breath she has been shooting for television serials. I wonder every time seeing her on screen, thinking how old she may be to go still mighty from playing mom to grandmother roles for many leading actors and even not more signifying roles to lead me gaze.
S.N. Lakshmi, the most dotted actor for her comedy roles and animated on the color generation front contributed 70 years of life on entertainment and art, left orphan the industry in her age of 84. The veteran actor began her career as a theater artist when she was 13, had stint to successful of encompassing 6,000 plays on stage and nearly 1500 films on silver screen.

What more we say, it’s impossible to replace her role by another and I doubt will this generation actors withstand in her part and brave enough to fight with a tiger in 'Baghdad Thirudan' has wondered many to still rethink. The mild smiling face and sacred ash smeared forehead will always remind her for foremost despite her strong mother bond roles of colorless classics and devoting herself to acting to live alone her life filled with dreams of devotion and serve humanity.

Hope she rest to peace at her native place as per her wish!


LadyFi said...

May she rest in peace and may her legacy bring joy to many

George said...

I'm sure this woman's work will remain as a memorial to her and her talent.

Rajesh said...

Nice tribute to very versatile artist.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant tribute, Jeevan. Loved it.

ashok said...

brilliant actor....may her RIP