Wednesday, March 07, 2012

பாடம் பட்டம் / Lesson kite

பாடம் பட்டம் / Lesson kite
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The encircled kite on the sky
is only on the textbook now;
the kids who left the kites
how to earn money?

The ship floating in the sea
and the kite flowing in the wind
are both basically on force
even an ignorant knows
the wind direction.


Few kids in our neighborhood left kite late evening… which has turn into rare sight in Chennai these days due to restrictions, I enjoyed watching them leaving kite against the open ground in front of our house from their home terrace. It’s quite nostalgia and as a kite enthusiastic I had been once in their life time... we even left kites on mid summer heat from our terrace.

Along the wind, the kite floats me back in air and inspired to write this poem.


Ash said...


ashok said...

wonderfully written Jeevan...Kites wer a joy in our school days...

Rajesh said...


SM said...

beautiful poem

Anonymous said...

This is also nostalgic to me...

In my childhood days, me and friends flying kites on Onam holidays

thanks for wonderful post...

also thanks for visiting my blog and commenting

Kalyan said...

lovely words...kite flying is one of those lovely pastimes, which is slowly vanishing day by day in India.

LadyFi said...

Wonderful words!

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