Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fairy falls, Mist and Fun evening

It was a lovely dawn for me on the hills of Kodaikanal during our second day on vacation and the sun beams flashes between the trees just made my day very refreshing and warm from the cold night. The frost window panes were melting slowly from moisture to droplets to cause beautiful texture reflecting to the woods green backyard of the Yorke House of CSI Retreat Center. The Yorke House, nested atop the center surrounded by tall trees of pine, eucalyptus and yellow mimosa quite retreat weather is wet or sunshine.
My world :)
Whom i consider my world, Parents (click each image for enlarge)
After the breakfast in the restaurant of CSI Retreat, we spent some time taking photos to one of a picturesque background of green and mist passing and they all come out very beautiful as family photos. Thus we aren’t new to Kodaikanal and having no plan to go where, it’s my choice to choose the place I haven’t revealed and certainly there’s a place  not to miss this time and it’s the Fairy Fall.
Fairy falls
Fairy Falls
The Fairy waterfall is 5km from Kodaikanal on the road leading to Observatory and there’s a small sign board indicating the falls isolated from the tourist attraction. A road slide down from the main road makes the ride narrow and the falls has been brought under the horticulture garden to close by gate but there was none to stop us, so we went opening the gate with no sign of falls and the only visible was bank of mist.
Fairy Falls
It was cool indeed and later the mist moved, we get to see the wet rock expose to lack of water and above the marsh beneath a round-turn platform is build to check the falls near. Even it was disappointing to see the falls without water, I could imagine the wonderful it was suppose to fill if there was enough water. Some websites claim the old famous Liril soap ad was shot here and it is also called as Liril falls, where the late pretty girl Karen Lunel clad in bikini play with soap and water. But I’m not sure it’s that Fairy fall or Pambar fall!
Amid mist
Mysterious mist... bliss
We still hold time for lunch and so went around and during the season time the road lead to Pillar Rock would be one way and we have to take diversion at upper lake view and it took us nearly two hours to come across the Pillar Rock as caught between heavy traffic jam! It was never like before crowded and vehicles were standing for few kms and it was completely mist blanked, cool and fun throughout the slow-motion. One of my dear cousins took the steering first time on hills and I was the guide of him on routes and encouraged him a lot to go ahead and him soon become familiar on Ghats.
Indian Hummer
My hummer, Scorpio car
In between the hide and seek of sun, clouds and rain we had great time playing after the noon lunch and we have nothing to do then than going on chatting and women playing  musical chairs, badminton and rings. I personally had fun identifying the silent deeds of movie names and I kept clicking with my camera while they keep on playing, laughing and smiling and it was a worriless moment indeed.
The Kodaikanal Lake was almost misted and crowded by tourist this time and we had a pleasant evening sit back to the bank of Lake Platform before heading to the CSI Retreat where the real fun and treat waits for us. It’s the camp fire which is very special to me and this is the first time I am experiencing it like ever fun indeed! My uncle arranged it for me and we were all around sat to chairs waiting for the service maid to light the fire woods and as soon it went to flame the gala time begins.
Fun around Fire
 The cold was almost drive away and a warm feeling began to embrace and the sense of dancing in others slowly caught fire to the songs played in our car. It was a wonderful experience for me enjoying the bonfire as well sharing the moment while others having fun dancing around. Our enthusiasm last over 10pm and even it rained amid we never mind of getting inside and used the chairs as umbrella holding about the head and kept moving creating a new dance style!
Camp Fire
It was a moment like never experienced before so enthusiastically and the night might always remind in mind as treasure and even the entire trip was remarkable and memorable to never hide away.


TexWisGirl said...

it is always good to get away, have fun and forget your worries for a while. glad you got to experience a camp fire. the falls area was pretty in the mist.

ladyfi said...

That mist is just fabulous! What a lovely place.

Eden said...

Nice to know you enjoyed your holiday. The mist is beautiful. I always love taking photos on a misty morning too.

Kalyan said...

The more I see this lovely place, the more I fall in love with it...lovely snaps!

Simran said...

Beautiful blog!!
Loved the images and your description. Liked the mist image especially! Keep sharing :)
Happy I stopped by!

Thank you so much for your wishes. I'm blessed! :)

George said...

Your pictures of the campfire are beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time on this day, even though there wasn't much water at Fairy Falls. But with the mist it did look like a scene from a fairy tale.

Irfanuddin said...

Kodaikanal is really a lovely place, i had been there about 15yrs back and your post reminded me of that trip....:)

Rahul Bhatia said...

I too have some lovely memories of Kodaikanal and the mist there!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, What a nice time you all must have had. I loved seeing the waterfall and especially the mist. Awesome... Loved the campfire also!!!!


ashok said...

nice to read abt ur trip...

Priya said...

Stunning pictures and like the mysterious mist a lot.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful travel experience to such a scenic place.

Vetrimagal said...

Wow, a nice , long and beautiful post, with lovely photographs.
Thanks for sharing your holiday experience with us!

geeth said...

You travel a lot.. it's so fun! Nice picture "Mysterious mist"..
You had a bonfire *jealous* :)

monsoon dreams said...

what beautiful pictures,Jeevan!kodai is my most favourite place in this world.i can never have enough of kodai.