Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wildest dream

 I lay on bed dreaming of her
who stoke my heart with love;
embraced me tightly and warm
and kissed me passionately quite.

I dream of her so wild
who cuddle me like a blanket;
tickled till embarrassment enhanced
and touching her heart in attempt.

We kept drifting on the bed
dragging each other in entice;
an attempt to make real our fantasies
and fascinating foreplay.

Nothing leaves us beside
engrossed in gazing completion within;
leaving as much lip marks
as a symbol of love and ecstasy.


I need to confess there’s no one behind my write up… and it’s quite a fraction of fantasy, fun and love!


ashok said...

fascinating fantasy!

Anonymous said...

Ah - but one day maybe, you'll be writing to that special someone.

Linda said...


Irfanuddin said...

and i wish to see that footnote changing soon....BTW once again you poured love here with your pen.....

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Like Irfan said, I too wish to see that footnote change soon!

Brilliant write!

eden said...

You write very good, Jeevan and like what others said I wish to see that footnote change soon..:)

George said...

You write beautiful word pictures of your fantasies. This is really very nice.

Simran said...

I must tell you that your fantasy have some what real touch...
Lovely read! :)

Ponniyinselvan said...

Poet, As i already told you , my big doubt is that you have fallen in love with somebody.Otherwise poem won't flow like this.please ,please give me a hint about who she is.hmm, hmm,
anyhow untold love gives a lot of hapiness.

Rajesh said...

Truly beautiful.

Jeevan said...

Thanks so much for all your wishes and kind words... Once again I need to confess, there’s no one in my heart and it’s quite fantasy in feel of love and desire and I think there isn’t one really necessary to write on such, the feeling of it is enough. I’m not older or insensitive to keeping away or hide such thoughts and feeling and there isn’t an age for love and desire! Lol

Kalyan said...

hmmm...three poems on a row on similar themes...someones heart is flying....