Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Danish Fort - Tranquebar

It was noon when we reached Tranquebar –an Old Danish colony, in the Nagapattinam district of South Indian state Tamil Nadu on an early summer month of March. Today know as Tharangambadi which means ‘land of the singing waves’ host some fascinating sights on colonial building, Danish fort and church and pretty beach of Coromandel Coast. 
Dutch fort
(Fort Dansborg Click all images for enlarge)
Tranquebar is a place on my waiting list for very long time and what attracted me to this town was the Fort Dansborg, built along the beautiful Coromandel Coast in the year of 1620 A.D by the Danish Royal Navy Commander Ove Gedde. Tanquebar was once a flourishing trade center which continued to remain up to 19th century under the control of the British; and from the year 1977 the Danish Fort was protected as a monument by the Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology. 
Gateway of Danish Fort
We were invited into this town thought a picturesque arch gateway and one of the landmarks of Tranquebar, holding a caption of ‘ANNO 1792’ from the inside out marks the year it built. The gateway is flourished one side by the images of a lookalike king holding swords and separate swords on top end, with a dome bearing No.7.
Fort Courtyard
Fort complex
The gateway leads to the main street of the colony is very small to allow vehicles only comes under LMV (Light Motor Vehicle); and both sides of the street hold pillared buildings, a colonial style of construction. The Fort Dansborg is on the southeast end of the colony and the fort is a square complex with rampart walls on four sides, which has inner side rooms used as warehouse, prison, kitchen and barracks.
Prison cell inside Danish fort
A prison inside the fort
The fort has a two storied building facing the sea, which is also the main building of the fort, holds warehouse and prison to the ground floor has a vaulted roof. The first storey of the building which was once a church and lodging of the governor, senior merchants and chaplain, was now a museum exhibiting antique things collected from the period of colonial and Danish settlement in Tranquebar.
Danish Fort - Front Yard
We reached the first storey of the fort through a ramp and fascinated to see the pretty blue sky and sea creating vibrant waves! The courtyard or rampart in front of the sea facing fort building has a wonderful view on the vast blue sea and sailing boats; which is also a platform to reach fort museum, and holds two iron cannons focusing on sea. Due to steps I couldn’t check the museum, but got few pictures captured by cousins and meanwhile I enjoy checking the exterior of the fort and children playing on its shore and wandering about.
Cannon, Point and fire
Cannon pointing the sea 
There are more to share on the Tranquebar, Fort, Museum ect... So I will do it on further posts. 


ashok said...

this reminds me of my visit last year.

TexWisGirl said...

'land of the singing waves' - how wonderful! that arched gateway is gorgeous!

Linda said...

Love your photos!

Ponniyinselvan said...

your travelogues kindle a desire to go and see those places. As usual, photos that narrate a lot which words may not do.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Interesting post, Jeevan

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of place. I had heard of this place and wanted to make a trip.
May be I will do it soon.

Indrani said...

Great place to visit and revisit.
You got awesome pictures.

Bob Bushell said...

An old fort in the sun, brilliant photos.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A nice read with lovely pictures, Jeevan!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely shots from the land of the singing waves!

Devilish Angel said...

Good photos...

Destination Infinity said...

The fort looks quaint and it looks neatly maintained, as well. I didn't know about this place before.

Destination Infinity

eden said...

Beautiful photos. Thank you for taking us there.

Krishna said...

Beautiful place in the coast of bay of bengal

your photos also beautiful

thanks for sharing nice info

Anonymous said...

visited Tarangambadi thrice since 1998. the article brings admiration

on Danish empire's heroes velour, tenacity, sacrifices done for the

crown in quest of overseas Danish colonies & wealth.

Nostalgic clouds fills me. Ramaswamy Devarajan / Chennai / India