Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Personal Note on Sex

I don’t mind if you read or not this post, but I just want to share (record) something about sex here. No, I hadn't had sex ever before and I have no idea of having it further in future but I do want to confess I too have sex feelings and perspective on sex in general. Sex is always showcased as bad reputation in society, forgetting that without sex we are no more here. Medication and technology perhaps make different in case of lack of ability or infertility. But sex is an inherent part of every life on earth and every species have sex to reproduce their generation.

Sex is also sharing of cells and building a human is an immense pleasure, as well pressure reproducing a child in progress of death or life struggle. There’s a great setback thought about sex in general and it is always seen as a taboo in society where there are none to reveal the secret of sex unless one grown on his own to understand the progress. But I don’t think it is an easy thing in the world and it remains as immense trouble esp. during the age of teen, when no one was suppose to guide on changes happening physical as well physiological. In the internet era, expose to sex is not a difficult thing whether we went on searching or rather it come and sit on the screen, produces a fake image and almost confuses with illusive fact and figures.

My first time encounter with sex site amazes me with shocking images and coming out of teen and lack of internet knowledge, I had trouble then how to keep away those things out of sight. Perhaps what others might think of me when come to notice these things haunted me intensely. I guess many internet users have gone thought such mindset esp. the initial stage internet users or teens. Of course it’s not easy to restrain the thought of sex once expose to sexual content on internet and the images watched use to keep haunting, but things where quite different now with somehow understand of sex… the net porn never seem to entice me unlike before.

But latterly I found interest on erotica, unlike porn which always end up messing with dirty images; erotica exhibits sex in an elegant way and make it feel graceful lead to ecstasy. I feel quite fascinating reading thought erotic stories and poem, but I never taken it into serious thoughts or impose in real life. I just look into the matter with conscious effect and fun attitude, but never disturbing others.

I personally feel sex isn't a matter of debate to be good or bad, right or wrong but consider by fact and knowledge we need to look whereas it is suitable or not. Sex is always depends on mind, situation, health and age as per law; love plays an inherent role in bringing lot of energy and enthusiasms to lead a peaceful relationship. When sex comes out of reliable love isn't trustworthy as hygiene is very important for safe sex, as well being conscious towards health is vital. Apart love, sex is seen plainly a physical touch, which I totally disbelief because without a intend thought and desire sex doesn't exist. 


Rajesh said...

Wonderful note and each one of us have passed through this phase.

TexWisGirl said...

it can be difficult to find a balance - especially in teenage years - when some religions try to shame you for even thinking about sex and making it taboo, yet it is a part of natural life. even as adults, we find it difficult to determine what is acceptable in marketing campaigns and the like.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I too feel that there's a big different between porn and erotica. Erotica can be quite artistic and expressive and beautiful in many ways.

Namrata said...

Actually sex is matter of confusion, secrecy and lots of unyielding excitement for teens making it a matter of danger..this is what has made a bad repo of it in the society.

Destination Infinity said...

As teens, we don't have the maturity to handle sex. Remember Sexually Transmitted Diseases?? That's why it is kept away from us.

Its my personal opinion that sex is addictive like alcohol. If people don't have self-control, it is easy to become sex-a-holic, like alcoholic. These people will suffer later on.

Destination Infinity

Kalyan said...

Nice thoughts, only an honest and a pure mind can have such kind of ideas. There is nothing to hide here, its just that our society somehow had made it a kind of a taboo topic to be discussed in the open to create a kind of false insecurity.

Neeraj said...

Interesting read... when I was growing up we used to get excited just watching exercise programs on TV! Sounds so stupid now. But that was before the days of Internet... now every kid knows and has seen everything before they even hit 13. What a crazy world.