Saturday, August 31, 2013

வட்ட நிலா / Round Moon

வட்ட நிலா / Round Moon
Picture by Jeevan
நீலவானில் வட்ட நிலா
இரவு வேளை கண் விழிக்கும்.
இமை எல்லாம் கருவிழியாய்
கவர்ந்திழுக்கும், வெள்ளை நிலா.

எட்டாத தொலைவில்
ஒரு வெள்ளை பனியாரம்.
மறைந்தும் மறையாமல்
என்றும் உருகாத வனில்லா (பனிப்பாகு).

ரசிக்காத கண்கள் இல்லை
வர்ணிக்காத கவிஞன் இல்லை
வட்ட வடிவில் பெண் நிலா
வசியம் செய்யும் வெண்ணிலா

Round moon on blue sky
wakes up during the night.
Everything as eyelids as iris
attractive white moon.

At far beyond
a while dish.
Hidden but never hideaway
ever melted vanilla (ice cream).

There’s no eyes fail to admire
 there’s no poet fail to describe
A female moon in round shape
the mesmerism.


TexWisGirl said...

the moon has served as muse for many. :)

Namrata said...

Everytime you write poem in Tamil, I regret of being unable to decipher the language..beautiful as ever...!!! :)

Betsy Adams said...

Beautiful photo and poem about the moon. Hope you are doing well --and hope your father is getting better now.

Sandhya said...

Your Tamil words are also very good! Enjoyed reading this poetry!

Yes, rasikkaatha kangal illai, varnikkaatha kavignan illai...very well expressed!

Destination Infinity said...

A moon is an object that looks beautiful not because it has it's own light, but because it can reflect sunlight. Does that say anything? :)

Destination Infinity

ashok said... are nominated to participate in this photography contest :)

Rajesh said...

Great shot of the moon and lovely poem.

Twilight Man said...

The moon in Malaysia looks small compared to the one I saw in USA. i wonder if it looks bigger in India?

Jyoti Mishra said...

lovely expressions there..
with all its blemishes moon is full of beauty :)

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous!

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

My karthik is my full moon