Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Rain

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Monsoon by Yann (Wikimedia Commons)

The summer rain showers
the joy of spring
stimulates the lost sense
of earthen scent.

The heaven comes down
in form of rain
transforms the landscape
into pretty green and clean.

The ambiance becomes cool
being soaked in rain
a pleasure for certain
perhaps quite trouble others.

The rain rejuvenates
while watched through the backyard
recollects the memories of childhood
in the pitter-patter background.

The raindrops splash
refreshment when summer squashes
a transformation in wetness
that quite falls outside the structure. 
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TexWisGirl said...

lovely image and i could almost hear and smell it. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

It must be the rainy season there!

L. D. said...

The rain looks heavy and it is a dark looking photo because it is overcast. I don't know if you have monsoon where you live but I guess it must be that time of year for you. I really like the photo and the writing too.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Hi Jeevan,
Sorry I have missed a few of your posts.
Summer rain in the tropics - how fun!
The poem is very nice.
Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful poem, that makes lot of sense..

Twilight Man said...

It has been raining heavily over here too and your poem blends well to my rain too.

Destination Infinity said...

It was a pleasure to read your poem just after getting mildly drenched in lovely rain yesterday night! :) And what a beautiful pic you've got there :)

Destination Infinity

Indrani said...

Nice poem on rain.
Very soon we will have them here.

Someone is Special said...

Miga Arumaiyana Padaipu. Ungal per pola ungal eluthilum Jeevan ullathu. 2005il irunthu eluthum ungaluku en pannivana vanakkangal!

Welcome to Blog-a-Ton!

Someone is Special

Megha said...

Hi Jeevan,

Visiting you from Blogaton.
Your writing style is very different. I like the way your poem begins with the onset of Monsoon and it ends on..getting everyone drenched.

Beautiful poem.

cifar shayar said...

nicely creating picture of the monsoon , a wonderful poem

My Blogaton55 entry The Monsoon Pain

deeps said...

with that image it blends so well

Megha said...

Nice poem..True rain rejuvenates! Natural and free.
From sprinkle to showers, its beautiful, more fun is when it come down in sheets! isn't it?

Check out my post - The garlic soup

Simran said...

''The heaven comes down in form of rain''
Beautiful image and the poetry :)

Vinayaka Vidhya said...

Very beautiful poem, Jeevan!


ladyfi said...

Ah yes - blissful rain!

Ankita said...

i just love rains!! nice poem, conveys a good description :)

Loco mente said...

I love summer rains...
They are indeed miracles... A ray of hope..
Thanks for sharing :)