Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grandpa back to home, with a tendency for his house

My grandpa had discharged from the hospital and was brought back to our home against his wish to go to his home. He’s doing much better now and breathes easily. He had been admitted to hospital with complaint of chest pain and whizzing on Sunday night (13 Sep) and was kept in ICU for 4 days and transferred to ward when his condition becomes stable. He had been on oxygen mask almost his stay and until his breathing becomes normal. His diet had been completely depended of liquid food and he was fed through tube and only a day before his discharge he was on normal feeding through mouth. So he looks frail to even sit on his own balance and his back was exposed to sore due to confined to bed all these days in hospital. This has been a great setback in his journey after his post hospitalization (3 months back) and he showed great improvement in his health and activity after doing physiotherapy. But now it seems everything has to be started from the much earlier stage and would be very difficult to achieve what he had gained these days. Doctors have said his heart is very weak and he could not be active like before and also anticipating him to do much is not possible.

He’s very intense to go to his home and only because of his pressure we moved him out of the hospital, but more than moving out of hospital he’s eager to go to his home rather coming to ours. He was in anticipation to go to his home with 3 days ahead before he was shifted to hospital with chest pain make him feel disappointed. Once moved out of ICU, but being there no one was allowed to interact with him and being on oxygen mask, he couldn’t talk as his whiz when try to speak, he openly and indirectly conveyed his wishes to go to his new house and his attitude also conveys the same. I heard, he seemed vigorous when said go to his home and at same time when doctors extend his stay at hospital the expressions become anger and he showed less response to others. He arrived at home in ambulance, as he was unable to stand, and thinking that he had come to his home he was seen happier and seeing me he enthused as if I was visiting him at his home. We understand his desire to go to his home, but practically it seems very difficult with grandma handling him alone. Though there was his son and in-law, but being there always for them is no possible as they have their own family and work to look after, we decided to hold them sometime until grandpa put pace on him. But I am not sure they stay that long and to make him feel not frustrate, he will be transfer to his home in a day or two to decided to return back or stay over there. 


Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Wish your grandpa recovers his health quickly and and his desire to go to his own house is fulfilled.

TexWisGirl said...

this is very difficult for him and your grandma, i am sure. i hope he can regain some strength and return to his home soon.

Uppal said...

I can understand your grandpas' desire to go home,though his delicate health is cause of worry.You can only prevail upon him to wait till he is strong enough to be on his own. Hope things Improve soon!

Destination Infinity said...

It's good that his condition has improved now to be brought to your home. I am sure it will get better and he'll be able to go to his home soon.

Destination Infinity

Indrani said...

My best wishes to your grandpa for a fast recovery!

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