Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hand pump – comes handy

Hand Pump
(Hand pump shot at our previous house)
Though we use hand pump occasionally, during the flooded moment it helped us getting water when our sump and bore wells were fill by rain and sewage water. Not only us, many people in the locality used the hand pumps during this time since there was no electricity for more than 3 days to power motors to fill the over tanks with sump (metro water) and bore well waters. Chennai once infamous for water problem, haven't been through at least for last five years due to enough rainfall during the seasons of monsoon in past has make forget pumping. This rain people had restored the activity. Though torrential rains caused suffering, it remained us the significance of certain things and trigger memories. I remember, once people use to wait  in line to fetch water from the street pumps (as not many hold pumps at their home then) and the water will also be released between certain time and sometimes people has to wait throughout night when the time of release becomes uncertain.

I remember the time we got water connection at home and a hand pump being installed by the corporation workers. They dig the road across and brought a pipe from the main pipe line on the other side and seeing water pouring through our hand pump was a happy feel. Even before we got water connection many houses in neighbourhood  was connected with hand pumps and seeing those, I truly wished we had one and I was interested in pumping and many a time it would be very hard and I would make pour very little. At the house here, there's a pump at ground floor and also on the first floor and as we moved there during the flood the hand pump helped us (there was not only no electricity, but also the sump water was polluted by the mix of sewage in rainwater) so we are dependent on the hand pump.

Though we filled our over tank before rain started to flood and power goes off, the water wasn't enough for us and gladly the hand pump was there and we used it for domestic purpose and can waters for drinking.

P.S.  Some keys on my laptop’s keyboard stopped working, so was force to post through mobile... sorry if   I couldn’t reach you blogs, but I trying to read all.


TexWisGirl said...

i'm very glad you had hand pumps available to bring you clean water!

L. D. said...

When I was young farmers had cisterns of rain water that were pumped out by a pump like this. I don't think they could drink the water but they did wash dishes,hands and clothes with it. They were designed so the cistern was right beside the kitchen and the pump in the kitchen was right against the outside wall for them to pump water. I am sure the same companies made these but your pump was painted a nice color of green.

GreenComotion said...

Beautiful, green colored pump and I know how useful they can be!
I am glad for you all who live in Madras - the rain has finally let up.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Twilight Man said...

That's was a great effort to blog through your mobile!
I am amused by this hand pump that came needy.

Destination Infinity said...

I wish we never transitioned from hand pump to electric pump. With hand pump, we'll at least get some much needed exercise.

Destination Infinity
PS: Glad that hand pump helped your family during this crisis.

Indrani said...

Some inventions will be useful forever!
Glad this was of help to you!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Its difficult to blog through mobile. Anyway thanks for sharing these helping items on the crisis

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely pump. In Sweden, a lot of the summer cottages have no water (or electricity) and so people have to pump up water for their needs.

Simran said...

Glad to know that hand pump came to your rescue to provide clean water :)

EG CameraGirl said...

Hand pumps sure do come in handy when there isn't any electricity! Hope you get your keyboard fixed!

Uppal said...

Green look of the hand pump is impressive. Rightly you've described its usefulness in times of emergency.
Great effort on your part to post it via mobile phone.
I too am trying to make up for my absence of two weeks from the cyber world.
Have you stabilized after that terrible flooding of Chennai?

Devilish Angel said...

Hope Ur laptop keyboard is ok now :)

Jeevan said...

Just got back the laptop from the service center and working as a pretty new one after replacement with new HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and keyboard. My laptop found difficult booting lately and it seems to stop working quite for the service men with no option than replacing the hard disk to reboot the computer, since the motherboard refuse to intake the old one. But glad I got the dates that stored in the previous hard disk, along with the disk that was converted into an external hard disk. Will write on detail later.

Matt Sevior said...

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