Friday, October 07, 2016


Alike a cradle
rather strings attached, secures
the moon across sky

That’s calm and uncool
was haunted by bats, trying
to battle down moon.

In the twilight hour
waked up from asleep, the bats
influence fiction.

PS. Though titled fiction, the haiku was inspired by the evening sight outside my home. Pic courtesy: google


Sandi said...

The bats influence fiction... I like that line! Creepy. I can imagine them fluttering by in the darkness.

Devilish Angel said...

"Trying to battle down moon" good imagination...

L. D. said...

You write very well. I really liked your writing

Destination Infinity said...

Bats sometimes make me nervous, but I like the way they fly fast avoiding humans most of the time. Nice pic, that.

Destination Infinity

George said...

I really like this haiku.

Jeanne said...

Loving this!!