Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The wind
is too cold or hot
keep lasting
despite my ability to fight
I try to breath ease
in the war field.
The war does
seem not to end
I try, try and try
despite my ability to cry
I try to control my breath
to breathe ease
but things continue
to battle me down.


Sandi said...

Praying for you.

Twilight Man said...

Oh dear...You expressed and vented out the frustrations so well. Hope everything will get better with time. Life is like the waves in the ocean, rising up & down each day.

Destination Infinity said...

Ups and Downs are two corners of repeating Karma cycle. If there is a down, there will be an up.

Destination Infinity

Uppal said...

Hi Jeevan,I can very well relate with your frustrations.It happens with most of us.Only the intensity of feeling differs.I'm confident you'll overcome this negativism soon. It is a passing phase.There are always high and low moments in our lives. We writers are acutely sensitive and every experience stirs emotions,which we express through these pages.
You're going to uplift your moods very soon.Blessings!

Nancy Chan said...

We all go through times of frustration. I hope you are now relieved from your frustration and more at peace within you now. Have a happy day!


Reading through this i put the feelings in some of the situations we experience from time to time,Its alright to feel this way and even more important to overcome this phase because instance like this teach and mold us to become whom we are .I hope you will overcome whatever challenge is before you with grace a lots of energy.Be blessed.


Dear Jeevan, This phase of frustration will fade out soon.I don't know what makes you frustrated. But I think you have all reasons to be frustrated and we all have.Still there can be ways to get out of this mood. You know one thing. You live a beautiful life ,inspiring all of us.I am sure you will find out reasons to be bold and strong once again.

L. D. said...

Great writing with clear expression.