Sunday, August 09, 2015


A word I hear frequently uttered by the young world these days is “boring”! Though I haven’t met many people uttering the word, but the posture of some of the young people in my family circle and the way they spell it out gives me a perception that many should follow this pattern.  Nowadays, I think not many are ready or interested to spent time with others (in person) unless it’s relevant to gadgets someway. But I think they are enriched with knowledge and we can learn many things from them if they like to share with us. But they are ready with their word (bore) at the tip of their tongue, to spit, stopping us at a word without letting a chance to complete the phrase.

Though today’s young people (in their teens and 20s) are sophisticated and open to everything, and yet get things easily, their world somehow seem to be confine with abundant or shrunken to get lost interest quickly as they don’t have to wait for anything. I think the young ones these days have no patience to listen to anyone anymore and exhibit indifference in attitude when treating others. Their advanced knowledge works well only on dealing gadgets, and when it comes to relationship and sharing they lack density. I see the reason behind them to utter boring is lies within the definition of the word meant uninterested. 

During my days of growing (as teen and youth) I don’t remember using the word or felt alike often when the kids in current time period  grumble a lot about it. Though I have just come out of the layer, I sense a lump difference in activities and expectation. Even I lost the mobility I have been active throughout my life in some ways and interested to do so many things and interact with others to keep myself occupied and learn something. But the word (boring) come from the tender lips make me frustrated and when they feel bored even not completing a quarter century (and still at the beginning of their life) I wonder how could they become fruit bearer.

Today’s young ones expect everything to be instant like washing hands as soon eat away or wipe in napkin to crumple away, and go plainly on the recommended (which seems coping with others) rather selecting the custom way where they could witness hope, and a distinctive feel and inspiration to keep travelling without changing a layer for the other. And I am saying this because they have to understand what their passion is and interested to do, because choosing things on recommend doesn’t meant to suit them. 


TexWisGirl said...

i spend a lot of time alone and in quiet surroundings. i do not get bored. there is beauty all around. :)

Rajesh said...

This I hear all the time from my kids. If they can not watch TV or play then it is 'Boring' to them.

Destination Infinity said...

I grew up in flats and there were many kids to play with, always. Otherwise, I used to visit my grandmother's house and there was another gang! So I didn't feel much boredom. I guess, kids should come out and play more, nowadays.

Destination Infinity

EG CameraGirl said...

Jeevan, I think most young have always found life too slow and boring. It's a good thing most of us finally grow up and wakeup!

Indrani said...

Your observation is so right. I wonder with all that is available to them what is it that they are looking for more interesting.

Anonymous said...

So true! People are so used to doing stuff or looking at their devices that they've forgotten how to just be.

GreenComotion said...

I agree with you, Jeevan. I too hear the boring comment from some of the young ones I know.
There is no need to fix everything.
It is okay to have a little 'dullness' aka normalcy, once in a while :)
Nice post!
Have a Great Week!
Peace :)

Twilight Man said...

I always avoid people who emit the negative, lazy and hateful aura which is happening now in my country with the widespread of corruptions and scandals.
Those who are boring ought to go get a life. LOL