Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trees aftermath Vardha

As you all know cyclone Vardha has brought down thousands of trees across the city of Chennai and the suburbs, has also left many trees skeletons. The trees were battled by the gusts leaving almost trees naked trunks and remaining was left to dry leaves as trees expose to die blow. Last week I was around the neighbourhood clicking photos on the trees on way to the beach, and one of the beautiful roads of Chennai, Besant Avenue, with canopy of trees experienced the worst disaster in decades with many tree falls marked the Ave. Being evening and expose to glowing sunset, the dry leaves and bare trunks brings out the glory of trees and I really enjoyed taking photos with couple of lanes turn picturesque, perhaps because of the cleaning process of the aftermath of cyclone.

The cyclone has left a great impact of planting native plants and trees, which were the mostly survived trees in cyclone with gusts last up to 140 km. The trees such as Palm, Neem, and Portia are still standing strong even though going through the battle where left with little damage. The need for trees has been pretty strong now (with loss of one third) but more than planting trees, selecting the native ones is the best for long-lasting. It’s everyone’s responsibility to plant trees to bring back the enrichment of environs, and I think every person has to plant a tree to live beyond their existence. Hope you enjoy these beauties 

IMG_3836 IMG_3837
1st Avenue Adyar/Besant Nagar
IMG_3850 IMG_3851
3rd Avenue Besant nagar
IMG_3853 IMG_3855
5th Avenue Besant Nagar


Destination Infinity said...

Yes, native trees are the best ones to plant. We should all get actively involved in planting new native trees in our areas.

Destination Infinity

Twilight Man said...

I read news that India often gets cyclones and I shudder to experience such strong winds. I might get blown off too.
I love all the big old trees!

Renu said...

In our own building, all big tree fell down,some times breaking the wall even:(

Shilpa said...

Last year during the flood I landed chennai . This year during the cyclone and at the end I decided not to visit India during nov and dec. never ! Btw though it's a disaster the pictures are great .

Devilish Angel said...

Trees are the beauty in Besant nagar...

Twilight Man said...

Here's wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017!