Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Lost a dear one

We missed one of our dearest neighbour come aunts last week. Though being a neighbour our relationships with her has been kith and kin from a very long time or to say last from our grandmother’s time period. We moved out of our native area (Adyar) about 10 years back and being here, now, our relationships haven’t been any different but were a kind of reconnection (with old neighbours) and looking back into memories. Though our families know each other well, this particular aunt (whom we called from childhood as aththai – a Tamil word which refers to sister of father) has been so affectionate and holds great concern towards our family. Almost our close relatives know her well and she never failed to enquire me the times I come across her, and I always see happiness in her face every time she faces me (since we moved out of the area) but later become very unhappy and she couldn’t hide her dismay as she was seeing me from the birth – who has been very active quite, my inability to move around bothered her much.

Their house was in the backstreet of ours and during the childhood days it was our playground and most of the evening we are seen roaming around with couple of our best friends, whose house was also on the same street. Moreover, most of them on the street know us and our family being a long time resident along with many others, our parent allow us to play there in belief that we stay safe because of the affinity we got with coupe of families and the family of this aunt was more attachable.  My mom and great grandmother used to exchange words frequently with her, either she visiting their or they. She’s a hard working woman and had done milk business and reared cows.  Her husband is a car mechanic and owned a garage, but being addict to alcohol it was she who take care of everything, along bringing up her 4 children.  There was a great similarity between us (maternal side) who was also involved in milk business and reared cows, apart running a Tea Shop, my maternal uncle is also a car mechanic and had a garage adjacent to our home. 

Until about 15 years back or her children settled she continued to be a hard working woman and used to drive cows for grazing from vegetable shops to open grounds or wherever there is pasture. Most of their life was spent in thatched roof and her husband and my father were all grown together in their past and only in latter half (or after 2000) they transferred to concrete house.  It was happy for us to see them coming up in life and to a stable place and looking forward to the comfort, but the sad part was they couldn’t lead forward happily. The rapidly increasing cause among the Indian – Diabetic – struck both their lives and her husband due to increase consumption of alcohol exposed to kidney failure and has been living still through dialysis and this too because of her care taken and restrictions. This hasn’t end there, but herself experience problem with her body with diabetics being the main culprit and she also lost her toe in an advanced stage of sugar. And going through number of treatments and surgery brings drawback in their lives. Even though money becomes a matter not, she couldn’t live happily. Like they say health is wealth, and however they become weather with a bad health nothing seems to be cheerful.

The day wake up for us in the sound of drums and I was sure it was the sound of death but wasn’t anticipated to be her. Though she was not well enough and was admitted in the ICU at the same time and hospital where my grandpa was admitted for chest pain and whiz and she was going through the same problem and was discharged a day ahead to my grandpa. And she was breathing through the oxygen mask at the home as well and was suffering so much that she couldn’t explain what. Though she was admitted to hospital once again for a week before her demise, as her condition becomes unstable, the doctors couldn’t indentify exactly from what she suffers from and the diagnosis also fails to understand what make her feel agony. At the mid-night of Friday she breathed last in the hospital. But the breakaway news – drum beat – reached us only in the morning and silence is what remains inside. 

Monday, October 05, 2015

RGB Monday

Flowers in red, leaves are green and blue at the bottom


A distant shot, using maximum zoom length, on the flower pots of one of the neighbors. It wasn't a planned shot for RGB, but I find the image matching the theme. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Gate gets painted and painters on work

Painters on work

Thinking about what to post for “Run a Round Ranch’s” Good Fences, I casually come out of the home and saw painters painting the gate of a newly constructing apartment right opposite to our house caught my attention. Though the three storey building rose even before we shifted to this home, the work has been reached its final stage only now with just paintings left to complete the structure. The builders have done some neat designing on the exterior, which I hope to capture once the building is completed. So now, here is a gate (one of the two) being painted in black on top of yellowish coating and I hope you like my candid on the painters J

Newly pained gate
Painters mixing colors
Painters mixing colors... perhaps black!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An update on grandpa and my health

My grandpa went back to his home happily last week, after staying with us for about 4 months. He spent only couple of days with us after discharged from the hospital and knowing his desire we didn’t stop him going to his home but also felt this change or transfer to his familiar environment could improve his health condition and the thought of coming back to home will give him confident to do better. His back sore due to confine to bed in the hospital is also healing well and he started to have normal food like before but only he couldn’t stand and walk. But we hope he regain the strength very soon and able to walk by doing physiotherapy.

I never thought a person could change such drastically in a very short span, though I don’t want to refer directly who he was, it certainly affects the lives of my grandparents now. My grandma was in need of a helper to support her in taking care of grandpa. Until being here, there doesn’t need someone as we (and my uncle family) supported her in every way in taking care of the grandfather, the attitude of drop out from their own son seems  trouble them surely. I feel that supporting someone is not that only physically assisting but giving them hope to believe (if they are elders or disabled) that they are not alone and even if you could not talk in a way, a small gesture and smile could do much better.

Apart grandpa, I experience some issues with health lately to put me feel trouble, though they aren’t anything serious, at least now, I went for a respiratory functional test last week and found poor breathing ability/capacity. I had some difficult with breathing last week, which was very unusual for me and without any delay I check with my doctor and took the functional test in Fortis Malar. It is a diagnosis conducted only in big hospitals, because this kind of test are not taken frequently by many and being an muscular dystrophy patient trouble with breathing is a normal thing after certain period and the main cause for this is believed to the severe lung infection I had 5 years back or due to some other reason my lungs have been shrunken little to make inadequate breathing space. But right now I have no trouble and I breathe easily but I am more careful to do my breathing exercise regularly and increase in terms.

For the last few days, my back pain takes new shape and shifts to my upper back to hold breath sometime. My therapist suggests it is perhaps problem related to neck and was advice to sleep without pillows and reduce my usage of laptop or change the position of viewing. To make my problems little difficult my new wheelchair was sent back for rectification and it expected to take more than a month (according to the manufacturer) to put right things I needed. I had certain comfort in that bucket seat and nothing felt painful when reclining towards its cushion back seat. Hope they haven’t took much time to settle my wheelchair before things become more difficult. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

RGB Monday

Here's another multicolored image for the RGB Monday series... comprising red, green and blue.


The colorful balloon  shooting (or ready for shoot) at Marina Beach, Chennai