Monday, September 01, 2014

A cute teaser

I frequently come across the teaser of the Tamil film Megha in television recently and I couldn’t avoid looking at it every time flashed on the screen. Though it seems like a romantic film, since the picture has a handsome hero and pretty cute heroine… the title (a female name) itself reveals the film perhaps centers a girl called Megha. But I couldn’t stop watching the ad, as it makes glimpses out of beautiful shots and romance between the pair esp. the girl’s presence admire watching. Not to forget the film’s music was composed by Maestro Ilaiyaraja enhances the beauty so well in the teaser.

From a small Google search I come to know the heroin’s name was Srushti Dange and she’s a model turned actress. I also realized that I have admired her already through an ad which I couldn’t recollect well now, but her cute dimple and sweet smile has something magic to captivate. Isn’t it?  She is someone so pretty and lovely, to become a dream girl ;)  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ganesha (clay) Idol @ Home

Ganesha is a celebrated idol in India and Vinayakar Chaturthi is one of the grand festivals celebrated here on the belief of Ganesha’s Birthday. Despite being an atheist, Ganesha Idols are my favorites from childhood and I had been an ardent of Ganesha when I wasn't conscious about my belief, but I still like the idols of Ganesha that comes out in various and unique shapes. I know a friend in Flickr who has been a passionate collector of Ganesha idols and every year he used to arrange Golu (display of dolls) from the huge collection of Ganesha idols he had been collecting for years. Take a look at his Golu set (here) to wonder how huge is collection of Ganesha idols.

Ganesha (clay) Idol @ Home
Above (and beneath) is the picture of a clay Ganesha idol we bought for the festival at home. Parents purchased the idol a day before to the festival and placed under the Puja cupboard. We made vada, sweet pongal and chickpeas along with usual meals, and I spent most of the day watching special movies on television.

Ganesha Clay Idol @ Home
Mom has decided to dissolve the clay idol into a bucket or tub water tomorrow, which we have been practicing for past half a decade, instead dropping the idol at sea or river. The dissolved clay water is later watered to the plants. It is also believed the idol must be immersed at the end of the day of worship or three days later from then. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My White Window

Window, how mesmerizing and breezy it used to be! I believe windows are an essential factor of a house. It’s a crucial player in bringing the ventilation inside our home, to make breathe easy and versatile sight to cheers. I couldn't think living in a house without windows and I strongly believe life begins only outside the windows. I think not many could understand the wealth of windows like the author of My White Window and me – who spent days almost inside the house. Window means a lot to me.

A cottage window at Kodaikanal
The windows are not meant the only ones at our homes. Every building installed windows in various shapes and frame work but the view we get were almost enchanting. I realize the worth of windows and I really want to mention something that made me felt the pulse of windows. During my course of war over lungs infection in early 2010, I was supposed to visit a lung specialist frequently related to my treatment and his clinic was on the 2nd floor of a building that we reach by a lift. He was a mid-aged doctor and kind being towards not only patient but everyone; and he treats with due care and concern which I haven't seen with any other doctors. Though every doctor treats patients to be cured, I saw something special in his way of approach and patience but not a bit of laziness or wearisome.

The doctor room was well equipped including desktop computer and split A/C to check patients at his own comfort level; but he chose the nature way of ventilation though wide open windows. Being a lung specialist, no one could understand the importance of breathing and which is healthy inhaling unlike him who prefer to open air windows rather switched on to A/C.  Through the entire visits to his clinic I saw him leaving the windows open, perhaps being on 2nd floor he might doing so I thought, but he follows the same at his resident come clinic at ground level. He also advised me to stay where I could get good ventilation. And if not the windows what can provide us such relief; and I’m also a kind, unroll the glasses whenever possible or elsewhere no pollution or heat occupy the space while on travel in car.

I know cities aren't a safe zone to seek fresh air, but we aren't lost with oxygen is a consoling fact.

Through window I see a world right opposite to my life inside the home. I don't envy at birds flying in the sky and butterflies fluttering in stunning coated wings, but I enjoy bearing fresh breeze on my face, the fragrance of flowering and chirrup of birds and crunching leaves. Well I can't explain much how heartwarming and pleasure looking through windows, a zone not so comfort like being at home. But I still and ever want to go outside exploring the glimpses I catch via windows.

There are two windows that connect me outside home: other than the one which inspires me often through the sights, sound and sense of breeze that caught behind the window bars, the Microsoft windows of my PC helps communicate the message I got through motion scenes and emotional core. Both these windows lead me to a world of wisdom. I cherish and console me through various grief and emotions that I experience in everyday dilute of life.

Enlighten Window

Other day while chatting, the sweet Preeti asked me to write a guest post on her blog. But for some unknown reason she’s could post it, so I make it way through my blog. I know Preetilata for long time through blog and she writes from deep heart and sometime lighter moments as cheerful. She’s one of a sweetest girl I ever know on earth and her blog (My White Window), is a best outlook for any writer and inspiration to come up with a post on windows. As she began a happy married life, I wish her all the best.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Surprise Smile

image courtesy: google
She smiled from her heart
I guess, as it wasn't planned;
a cutest encounter
while she left the house
in the morning rush hours.

Though she closed the doors,
eyes behold at the doorstep
whether she turns back
with another surprise smile,
a flash that conveys quite comfort.

They says, but not only that
a photo speaks thou words
a quiet smile expresses like feeling;
though she smiled casually
it made my day ahead cheerful.

That’s one wide smile; despite
enhancing her beautiful aspect
furthered our relationship
which has been lately conveyed
as brother and sister. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Photo: Austin Classic

Austin classic
Shot at a heritage rally on vintage cars, couple of years back held at the VGP Golden Beach parking lot on ECR.

Austin Classic