Thursday, October 17, 2019

Moon Watch

Last month I capture the full moon at my comfort zone, and it rose just behind a neem tree then and it wasn’t up quite, I liked to have some neem leaves playing a silhouette against flashy moon drop. The moon was bright enough that day that the optical zoom (of my canon sx220hs) couldn’t get the details and so, I was to extend to digital zoom to quench details on the moon.  Though I tried to make shoot through leaves, the moon was almost up with leaves just brushing the edges of perfect round moon as wind blows.

Later I tried to capture moon in b/w mode and was impressed.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Grandma’s Golu

My grandmother has been keeping Golu at her home for less than a decade, except couple of years due to grandfather’s illness and demise, she follows the custom of arranging dolls yearly during the Navaratri festival.  Navaratri, which means nine nights, is a Hindu festival celebrated in devotion of the goddess of power, wealth and knowledge  and the end of the festival (10th day) is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

This year she couldn’t get support from anyone in setting up stairs  for arranging the dolls, so she just filled dolls on cupboard, table and on floor. The dolls are a collection from her various trips to north Indian states and some other decorative items are handmade by grandma. Here I share some photos on grandmother’s Golu this year and the images were shot by mom with camera.  

Here's a set of two south indian customs of marriage (on left) and first tonsure and ear boring of a child (on right).
A set of playing cricket
A rural setting of village and market
This looks like a setting of forest and tribal lifestyle

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Ayudha Poojai Thoughts

Ayudha Poojai is a festival occasion that was so delightful once and full of joy, in the presence of my late maternal uncle, and the celebration take place at my uncle’s car workshop right in front of our courtyard. Begin in year 1990 at the courtyard of our house, he headed the workshop till his last breath in Dec 2001, where ended all our celebrations, though my younger maternal uncle led the workshop which is in condition of almost closed, no one could replace his place and an anticipation itself is wrong. Generous is one word I could describe about him and his personality is something unique and could be among an million but destiny gave him short life.  

Ayudha Poojai is a festival celebrated at the workplaces and houses wherever people deals with mechanical devices or machines and it is a festival related to prosperity and worshipping of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Ayudha Poojai is a festival time to remember quite my uncle, because it is him occupies our thoughts during this occasion or hearing the word Ayudha Poojai is irresistible recollecting the memories of his presence and dearness we hold. I thought of writing something about the festival celebrated but everything I think about the festival reads his face in flashes as memories.

The spirit of Ayudha Poojai is long lost or missed but thinking of past make sense and this time the festival came around the weekend, though every day is not unusual to me, with the thought of people celebrating around I felt cherish. Today my cousin conducts Ayudha Poojai at his bike service centre and yesterday my brother celebrated at his gym/fitness centre attended by parents and few close relatives/friends.  I see there’s less in celebration or spirit prevail among people or at work places it exists plainly a formality or divine worship unlike those days which was a celebration of whole and keeping festival at core the activities surrounds it bring cheers. I’m glad for my conscious mind-set that gets caught fire through sparking thoughts.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Skywatch Friday

Sunset sky on Madipakkam - Velachery road during a recent ride around the area. 
Looking over the Madipakkam lake (in lack of water) and skywatch.  
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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

NEET Impersonation

NEET impersonation had come to light through a couple of cases registered following found evidence. NEET is an all India entrance exam to pursue medicine in India and there’s already a dispute across the country in implementation of NEET exam esp. Tamil Nadu is against this rule and some lives were lost due to lack of makeup to the exam. But this is nothing to do with the impersonation which is punishable whatever the case or makeable and what really surprise was the students involved in impersonation were sons of Doctors! And the doctors themselves were behind all this conspiracy.  No wonder at the people involving in impersonation and this is something could happen at any department or course of exam with incapable candidates, but being doctors and well known about the significance of the course and preciousness of lives execution is malicious and crime.

I think it’s the social pressure had made these doctors to approach impersonation for their children’s NEET exam. There’s a general thought among people to anticipate a doctor’s child to become a doctor and doctors themselves see it has a status or pride to produce a successor had dragged them into the pit of impersonation. It’s not necessary for a doctor’s son or daughter to come up in life as a doctor because no one can decide their intention, ability or passion to be same. I see there’s a pressure always on individuals, forcing them to do beyond their excellence or anticipate what they underserved rather knowing anything about them or their individuality. And comparison is another dragon ready to fire-breath to blow them completely out of the world. Many a life lose or accidents happen because of unqualified professionals (and I know every work has its parts of risk) but with underserved the causes are easier. This impersonation is a black mark that going to chase them for their life and spoil the carrier.