Thursday, April 18, 2019

Parliament Election and My Choice of Vote

Our state is polled for the 17th parliamentary election – that’s happening at many phases across the country – and today I exercised my franchise by casting my vote to torch symbol that represents the Makkal Neethi Maiyam (People Justice Center) headed by actor Kamal Haasan but I wasn’t intend to poll for the party and I doubt will I voted MNM if the candidate wasn’t R. Rangarajan IAS. I read his profile, ideology presented as manifesto and the clear state of mind on political scenario and expressing the intentions to implement on the constitution and overall a coolly personality to enrich his duty. The voluntarily retired, as sub-collector and officer on duty, joined MNM party to serve people directly after inspired by Kamal’s political ideology and he’s an important pillar in designing the party manifesto.

I never voted just considering a party alone. For me, first it was the candidate and I believe only if we select the right person better things could happen because he’s going to be the connector between the govt. and people and if it’s going to be a problem how we could receive good signals.  Candidates are the basement of a strong parliament or legislative and anyone defective could bring deceive to people. Though I don’t say who I voted were the best but I tried to choose who’s better through my perception rather opt for party politics. I believe in the saying ‘politics isn’t corrupt but the politicians’, so here I want to choose a right representative to talk to their leadership in achieving the goals for the constituency. I initially thought of voting the opposite party candidate but changed my decision, though she had a good profile she sounded like a party depended.

At the end of the poll Tamil Nadu (our state) recorded 70% of voting and to my disappointment my constituency (Chennai South) becomes the 2nd least record percentage with 58% following 57 % in Centre Chennai.  I see this as a democratic assassination because Chennai South is where the most educated live and economically leading. The Chennai IT corridor comes under this constituency and well established education institutions, and posh and upper middle families lives lot there alongside dense labour communities but still this less percentage gives a shame on people. When other constituencies recorded above 70% with most rural aspect, these city dwellers (who benefits lot) failed to be socially responsible and democratically right.

Monday, April 15, 2019

RGB Monday

Colorful reflection

My window reflection on the light decoration of lord Murugar from last month’s temple festival at the backstreet. And for more colors go here for the entire post on the colorful festival.

Friday, April 12, 2019

My Skies

Other day in late February my afternoon sky turned pretty much in blue and got clash with the shimmering green tree that saw new shoot as sunlight exposed through it. Though summer is here, Chennai continue to stay little out of the heat while other districts experience sultry, the sea breeze blows like a life saver. The weather men continue to warn there’s hotter days ahead and the days are hot as well for those head out of home or air- con office but the homebound I still enjoy the summer breeze.

One evening early in March my sky looked this way – like a trace of clouds undusted of the sky – right in front of balcony.

A recent one from a quiet evening and I really liked this moment and simple sky that has anything significant or magnificent to excite but there’s’ a sense of peace amid the unsettled birds and vehicles.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Elk Hill Residences

A view from my balcony overlooking Elk Hill, Ooty

Elk hill is a hillock facing the Ooty town and the other side sliding down the Ketty valley, on Nilgiris, has slopes of hill residents and private resorts with tea gardens and woods spread around. Glad I was able to homestay right opposite to the hill (during my visit to Nilgiris aka Ooty in April 2017) to have a wonderful look on the same and the houses built in step formats. Our homestay had two big balconies overlooking the hill across the carrot and vegetable farming and Ooty-Coonoor main road. I really enjoyed this view and also the night ones with glittering lights from the hill residents (unfortunately I don’t have photos from night) and most of the houses built on the slope was tiled roof and built wall-to-wall with neighbours. I hope they all live as a community with peace and harmony unlike the different colors of house which perhaps one of the reasons for me to zoom for details. Looks most of the houses built there has to take only steps since there isn’t space to lay roads.

Houses on Elk hill,  Ooty

Btw. I don’t have any idea or found details why it is called Elk hill, but it only wants me to think either it should have Elk deer once on this hill or British (who discovered Ooty) brought some from their homeland. The other side of the Elk Hill has a popular Murugan temple built on the idea of Malaysia’s Batu Cave with a moderate golden statue of Muruga.

Elk Hill residents at Ooty

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Twilight Zone

The sun haven’t raised, yet
the life started to act
at the state of twilight,
the purified air of night
and the tranquilized dust
is back to surface
as life restarts, to survive.

The honk of vehicles, bang
as other noises unbroken, yet
the natural chirp of birds
and crisp in air, sways
as slowly sky consume light
things went for better views
as sun warm-up to glow.  

Like things have two sides
the light has its part of shadow
or silhouettes against its glow,
the twilight zone is bliss
as things take minimal effect
to retreat or restore the activity
from the day or night sleep.

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