Monday, April 24, 2006

Jeevan’s Proclamation End

Proclamation Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Form a team to save the rain evidence forest. Save the wild animals form hunters.

Forests are the main evidence of rain; we people destroyed many forest and trees and suffer with out water. There is no proper security for forests and special trees. Some people illegally cut the tress and smuggle. We will bring hard rules for people who cut trees and install much forest security force to inspect the forest. Naturally the animals in the forest dies without food and water, some times they used to enter the villages for food and kill many people. In-between the people kill many animals for there flesh and skin.

Modernize all Buses

The Tamil nadu transport has old buses and some have low security. The government also ready to launch new buses, but they dint install proper facilities for old and disable people, so the court has banned to introduce new buses. The old and even the middle age people get stress to climb on the buses, because they have to lift their leg at 1 and a half height to climb on the steps. So we should reduce the hights of the steps. Some times many bus drivers are not stopping on the correct stop, so our people should run and climb the bus. We will take action on the drivers who are not stopping in the correct place. Recently the chennai metro transport has invented a disable free bus, where the wheel chare users can climb the bus by a lift. We will compulsorily introduce this type of buses throughout Tamil nadu. Before this, we should build equal roads, without contour.

Start a free education newspaper for students weekly.

The students in cities and town buy and get newspapers form there nearest stationery, but the rural students cant buy the newspaper, because they have to travel some kilometers to buy newspapers, and some don’t have money. So we will introduce free weekly newspapers for students, it will contain, important information’s form all over the world. It will help the rural student to develop their knowledge. The free newspaper will come to your house every week. Many students are not interested to read newspapers; we will encourage the students to read newspapers and create awareness among students about the use of reading newspapers.

Open toddy drink shop (kallu kadai), and ban liquor shops.

Many families are suffering form this liquor, were there family head used to drink liquor in Wine Shops and give trouble to there family members, and disturb his family sin. Many people waste their money by drinking liquor and also spoil their health. So we should ban the liquor shops, if we ban the liquor shops, the people used to drink illicit liquor, and loss their vision and some die. We should also think about this. Years back before the liquor was introduce, the people used to drink toddy (kallu), which comes form coconut and palm trees. It has low affect, and it is also good for health, but every think is limit, if they cross that, the honey is also poison. Lets see how the people welcome this.

Will clean the Covam river and built a purifying plant to change the sewage water and leave it in sea.

If we tell some one about chennai, the first thing they remember was Coovam River. Because for its bad smell, the people in chennai leave the sewage waters in this river. Once, this river was used by the people to travel, form one place to another in the boat, after the underground drainage system introduced in Chennai, the government release the sewage into this river and finally mix in sea. So we will bring this rivers nature back, and built a good purifying system and release the water into sea.

Will bring a law for compulsory AIDS test for pregnant women’s and register Marrage.

The AIDS not only spread through relationship, in also spread through unsecured injection, getting or giving blood for some one, by Mosquitoes and form Mother to her child. So to control the spread of AIDS, we should bring compulsory AIDS test for pregnant mothers. Another law is if a couple is going to get marry, they should register there marriage and submit the medical report of them, to find if they have any dieses or any other problems, because it is there life, if they get married and after they know to come the problem of their pare, there life will be spoiled.

Control the Vehicles Population.

Nowadays the vehicle population in a big problem for people, and the traffic jam is an unavoidable one in our life, in important cites the vehicles are increasing in lakhs every day, if it continues like this, we don’t have way to walk on the road and it will also create a pollution environment. We will encourage the public to use the public transports.

Many vehicles have occupied the roads in the name of parking; and create a traffic jam, so we will also concentrate on Parkings, will build multi storage parking and underground parking in important places.
Will encourage the people to plant bio-diesel plants.
Will put heavy rules on driving vehicles, every day the vehicle accident are increasing because of not obeying and breach the traffic rules.
Will survey the roads and remove the encroachment builds and wide the roads.

Encourage sports

If a person is interested in any sports activities they can approach us, we will encourage them and give free training. We will improve the Tamil Nadu Hockey team. We all tell that our national game is hockey, but we never achieved big in this field. We haven’t given much importance to hockey like cricket. Develop the local playgrounds. After the computer games came many children’s physical activities have decreased, nowadays many children’s and students spent there times behind the TV and computers. If they interested to involve in sports activities, the students in Metros and some cities don’t have space for play. The playgrounds are changing as multi storage buildings. We will save the playgrounds.

Bring a law that government servants should not join in Political parties and stop the lanjem.

The person, who is working as government servants, should not support and be a member in any political party, because there are chances that they can leak the government secrets to them. The biggest problem in government offices is Lanjem (getting money to do the work), the people who mostly affected by this is poor, the government is giving good salary for them, even though they are not satisfied. The govevernment servants are servants for us (public). How the lanjem grows, because of us, the people who don’t obey the Govt rules and breach them, used to give money for government servants to correct there wrong. Now this lanjem was spread all over the India (even world wide). The government has changed many times, but they can’t destroy the lanjem. We should chase this until it stops. Who every cheating the government is cheating them. It will not change until we respect the government rules.

We have lots of plan like these, if u put vote for us, you can see a developed state. I request all of them to pay the tax correctly, and then only we can do many good for our state and people. My Proclamation has end here, but will find more projects and problem soon and write.


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

wohhh!! some absolutely awesome points.. totally for preserving the wildlife.. the forest.. small things like recycling paper, clothes etc etc.. can help this issue.. totally for upgrading the public transportation.. and yea changing the buses for disabled is a very good point.. over here in US, buses have excellent facilities for disabled people. Banning liquor and liquor shops..all for it.. so many other things to drink in life.. soymilk, all the millions of juices from fruits and vegetables, and our dear water :-) .. all for controlling pollution, encouragin sports(and sports other than cricket.. like hockey, tennis, chess.. and much more)..

some great points u bring up jeevan!! good post!!

Naayagan said...

very true."Control the Vehicles Population"-this should need special attention for today's world.

Ghost Particle said...

just hope they let we live the way we want and also let the nature be the way it is. The cleanup has to start somewhere somehow.

smiley said...

podunga ammma votu...
jeevan katchi parthu...

I will canvas for u... thalaiva :)

Jeevan said...

Kunsjoi - You are always a supported for me:) Thanks friend. There are many good games, we should find it and encourage the students to practice that.

Naayagan - Thank you, high vehicle population is a destroy for world. We should find non-pollution vehicles.

GP - if we do a think against nature, it will replay 2 times bigger than that.

Smiley – romba nandri:) parthu, yoosichi podungama vota.

Shuba said...

Hey.....lovely innovative ideas..ithelllam en namma politicians kku thona mattenguthu?

James Baker said...

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Jeevan said...

Shuba – Thank you, atchila irukaravangaluku avanga pathaviya kapathika pakuranga, ethirkatchi, avangala eppadi kovukalamnu pakaranga, ennga makkala pathi ockeranga.

All the Best – Thanks for your visit:)

aruna said...

Good points adding to your previous ones!!

visithra said...

i liek ur ideas ;)

Jeevan said...

aruna - Thank you

Visith - Thanks:)