Thursday, July 05, 2007

Missing in the sky

I am extremely sorry and very deep sorrow for being lost here suddenly. I felt deplore myself, for not able to announce that I can’t be here for sometimes, and u know, I was thinking about you all how it would make u feel of not getting replay for ur comments and mails. It was a sudden collapse, that my world not allowing me to reveal myself. It was an expected one, but doesn’t know when it will happen. I was helpless to make u sure I am fine here, I don’t find a comfort cyberspace near my house to post or check mail (a month long I didn’t checked the mails). Thanks to my respectful friend Balaji to post a comment about my stage, after ringing me to know how am I doing. I miss all the dears these days.

I know my world (that was said to be the Computer) has given end by my service bro last year, but with some different and cross cut ways i was pushing it these days. On the fourth day of June, the window failed to open to let me pleasure on my world after presenting a love letter in unknown language. I know even it works these days beyond the end given by service bro, on that day i felt it has died (its a life that take me around), but with little hope called the service bro and thanked to his hard try to make it work. He knows how important computer for me from the day he assemble it and i kindly thank him for response to me always. Anyhow after the hard try it accepted to run in Windows XP, after eating all my savings inside the computer, with broking the net link.

Even after the system was ready, the Net connecting has become a big problem, that was so bad, the net couldn't receive by my device. The problem only came to conclusion the line connecting through mother board would be jammed to reach another end. So needed to change... not only the board, the whole system. I hope there would be non other than my service anna (bro) to able to spent his much useful times fighting with my 7 year-old (com)puter, and totally failed to redeem in end. I wasn’t expected, I could return to blogging so soon and the care my parent’s kept on me and giving interest to on which I am interest makes this arrive. Last day I got a new latest system that was above my wishes, its fast and sharp proceed was a great relief from the slow motion and long waiting.

I don’t want to leave the familiarity of writing and stopping my thoughts, so I was just writing what ever comes on my way, my experience and so. I got much times to enjoy movies, reading, Photoshop, drawing…. Settled with books in some silent corners and trying to finish as much i could and also enjoying by reading some interesting pages. Last month 20th was my 2nd year in blogging, but no post so far and to my surprise this way my 500th post. Only found while posting it. Thank you so much for being their, looking for me. Love you all:) which check ur blogs soon.


தூயா said...

Missed you a lot....

Nirek said...

vanga vanga bro!
missed u a lot!

congrats on your 500th post!

krystyna said...

What a nice surprise! Welcome Jeevan! We miss you, I miss you so much.
Wow, 2nd year in blogging last month, I first year.
My comp was old too and stoped working. Now, I have new. It is my first own comp. The old one I got from my son.
Congratulations!!! You did excellent work during this 2 years!!!
Take care!

tulipspeaks said...


vange vange! been missing u around the blogs! :)


pria said...

Welcome back Jeevan and good to see you back. Congrats on your 500th post and happy belated blog anniversary for completing two years.

வேதா said...

hi jeev how r u? long time no see anyways congrats on ur 500th post :)
வாழ்த்துக்கள் ஜீவ் :)

Kavi said...

Congratulations...and welcome back..! What a relief. I was wondering how to reach you..!

Welcome !

Ghost Particle said...

bro! welcome back. Missed you dearly. Hope the new cpu will keep you busy for long! write more!

Happy 500th Post!

balar said...

Welcome back Jeevan, Glad to see your come back..
500th post? Chandramukhi records mathiri kalakkureengalae...:))..

Congrats and keep going..

Shiva said...

Welcome back Jeevan. Good that you had some time off enjoying movies, books etc. Congratulations on your 500th post and happy 2nd anniv to Jeevansworld.

Ponniyinselvan said...

very very happy to see u back.write a lot.expecting your comments too.500 posts should add another 0 and the number should become wishes,
karthik amma

Keshi said...

WB mate! We were so worried abt ya. Im so glad ur ok and that ur bakk now.


Jeevan said...

Thank you all dears :) I am glad to be here so soon.
my apologize to the mistake I made in this post announcing its my 500th. It was my 461 post, a small inattention.