Thursday, March 06, 2008

A woman on world’s view

She is one from a richest family who could enjoy the life on her wish, but she not even think to experience the wealth, instead thought about how much she can help paupers. Even within so much objections from her own family, she started on her proposed path and took very care the poor people with observe. She is non than The ‘Lady with the Lamp’.

Born in 1820 to a richest family in Italy’s Florence was the Nightingale. With so much wealthy at home, somehow her mind not fell on it and fall directly on paupers suffer to help on sinner people. In that time she too a strong and final decision, that to become a Nurse and with it to help the poor patients. The family and relative object to her decision, but she was strong enough.

In those days there were no proper and full facilities at hospitals for patients and in a single bed two patients were put to lie down. There was the situation present that was unpleasant which could even send a normal person as patients. Yet Nightingale was from a wealthy family her aim was completely to become a Nurse. Her parents come down to accept becoming a nurse, but pleased at least to get marry, though she refused.

She completed her nurse training in London. Once kalara was spread in the poverty areas of London, she ran across to help them than against moving. She carries away those affected in disease with her hands and humbly served. When the time war cover between England and Russia, for people wounded in struggle where treated by the nurse team headed by her. Showing the lives lost in war, those died in injures are more where the team served sprightly.

The shake of lack of basic infrastructure in army hospital, she sympathizes at every life as a moving service of divine. Like a mother she take care them and in night with a lamp supporting her hand, she come across each soldier and watched with intense care. Because of this she was kindly called by ‘the lady with the lamp’. In her highly sprite service, not only the people of London, this mother entice the entire people of Universe.

When the entire world was highly praising her service, she simply said in restrain: I am doing my task, why are you enlarging it? In those days the nurse have been sighted as a disgrace, but Nightingale changed it and created the thought between people that nursing is a service of dignity and she also wrote many books on nursing service.

Like mother of Nightingale, there are many followers then and now being in service on varies fields. And it was great remembering about a person of humanity and affection looking besides the Women’s day following. Let cheers women on the earth and in our home and there dreams to exist in the world with kindness and peace to wander along with mother’s blessing.

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krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
This is really perfect post for W's Day and not only.
Thanks for reminded about this fantastic woman, Lady with the lamp.

In her youth Miss Nightingale had a great desire to study medicine, but then the profession was closed to women.

Keshi said...

I hv read so much abt her and I admire her alot. This is such a great tribute to Lady With The Lamp! SHE WAS A RARE WOMAN.


Alok said...

I had read about her extensively during my school .. thank u for reiterating her contribution to humanity


Kittu said...

her contribution to humanity is always a great identity. thanks for bringing back those memories jeevan

Annie said...

She was determined to nurse and she had to defy her mother to do it. But defy she did and she left a lasting legacy to the world.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Thank you for share it with us. The world needs strong women.

Best wishes,

priya said...

Its interesting to go back and read history. Good post.

Anonymous said...

This was just lovely reading & a wonderful dedication to the women of substance, who really has helped change the world through their marvellous work and undaunting service to the society...wonderful!