Sunday, June 29, 2008

After-noon, nearby Ooty

By noon after return from garden, we eat the prepared lunch and left to Doddabetta, which is summit of Nilgiris, meters 2,623. The name Doddabetta adapted from the language kannada, which means Big Mountain, Dodda and betta. It’s a place we nearly get a panoramic view of the Nilgiri’s small villages, houses of Udagamandalam, far away mountains sometimes covered by mist and beneath shoals and forest like thick raised trees. This summit is an 11 km drive from ooty, climbing the road that covered by both sides of whip trees leads to this top. As we move further the cold was sensed more and the quiet path (that was more than years back when I visited) of peaceful pleasantly felt. But this time I miss them all and only polluted smoke, wrappers and traffic of vehicles left.

Good thing also happens through the vehicle crowd, that they opened another way through road which leads till observatory tower. So it was easy for my wheels to get near, having some beautiful and green views around. It was the clouds coves and opens the sky, the cool and sunshine makes different atmosphere and more changes in creation of greenswards and flowers uplift the sight, but feels artificial missing the natures view. After being there for sometime we left taking group picture before the observatory.

Next we landed on boat house in lake banks, which was crowd flowing to hire boats to go around. We sat for time pass on the bank and looking around getting over memories of past and different scenes of boat rides and people. Nearby, newly built swings and rollercoaster rides added to peoples attract and the small children park adjacent to lake now turned to be a little amusement park filled with kids. Back it holds beautiful garden with roses and music played by evening are lacking present days. On way, went round the lake road through a serene boathouse, deer park and at some corner, sighting the racecourse and view of ooty town, behind the dark clouds floating on the Blue Mountains

It was an eco-friendly street our hostel lies, which holds a rare photography gallery home and a small aquarium. On our right hill there is a tea factory; just beautifully and in night it’s bright in shining wherever you could see from. The hostel holds five to six rooms with each 4 cots and plenty of blankets, still the cold not to bear. So on second day I get the idea of something known back thought to cover the bed with daily papers for warmth, though it helps at little. As our warden said, the cold was adjustable for me the further days we stay, but not many u see, our cousins and granny started to worry about the cold. After sun down, and the moment all comes together it was more fun, and having dinner and chatting till we leave to bed.


PreethZzZ said...

cool looks like a great trip.. i love ooti.. such a lovely place.. oh and btw the best chocolates i've ever had were in ooty.. some hand made chocolates... absolutely divine.. milk chocolates.. yum!!

Meghna said...

Hi jeevan bro,
Wow! Looks like u r having the whale of a time...happy for can do us real good as it did to me...waiting to hear back.....Enjoy :P

Jeeves said...


Looks like u had real good fun..Nice pics

Keshi said...

hey now how nice is that! GREAT pics!


vishesh said...

ha really nice :)

Anonymous said...

I love these


Lakshmi said...

glad you are enjoying yourself in cool places ..your pics are awesome as ever

Kavi said...

You seem to be having a ball !! have fun ! great pics

Hobo said...

It is always good to visit places and it is excellent if experiences are shared. Because sharing is caring.
Applause for you friend.
Enjoy !

Hobo said...
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krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan for sharing your thoughts and photos from treveling.
Very interesting.

Now Kevin is in better condition, he is very cheerful and happy.
Chemo is once/month through 5 days.
/before chemo was every day/ and once a week in hospital.
This week I put new photos.
Thanks for asking after that.

Best to you!

Jeevan said...

Preethi – yes it was cold trip :) I have tasted it too, the very sweet home made chocolates. Nice having u here after sometimes….

Meghna – hi dead meghna :) ya, its allover game and memories are shared by us here.

Jeeves – yes, of course. Thanks :)
Keshi – Thank you dear.

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Alok - -Thanks buddy :)

Lakshmi – I enjoyed more there, thanks so much, buddy.

Kavi – Thank you!

Hobo – Welcome you here :) ture. it was pleasure sharing with you all. Thanks.

Krystyna – very happy to know there is more improvement in Kevin health. My wish to him, hope he get well soon. Thanks for sharing dear... looking forward for his pics.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Hmmm such lovely fresh eye-soothers!You are a good photographer!

Btw,it's high time I blogrolled you :)

Shiva said...


whoever wants to visit Ooty should visit your blog. A complete roundup and you almost covered everything.

The hostel looks amazing. Very fortunate to have stayed in such a beautiful place.


Ghost Particle said...

love the images so much Jeevan, so much moods in there. India is so beautiful and soulful.

flyingstars said...

I have heard so much about this place...just wish to go there there one day....some lovely shots!

Shuuro said...

nice to see you traveling, pictures are beautiful!.

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