Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Garden visit

After reaching Nilgiris, It was the night in that time of transitory wet lands put into signed fears of how could deal the troublesome of cold throughout our stay in dusk and dawns. I waked in the morning thinking and wishing for the sunshine to reflect its warmth to recover myself from that ever cold night. As it happens, it was our early plan of visiting the Ooty Botanical Garden which in a distance of crossing a beautiful bungalow next to our hostel. To mention this bungalow have a lovely flowering garden of varies flowers bloomed in fair, but least disappoint that publics are not permit inside. Further for me it’s a look forward to recollect memories after decade’s, to spend more times inside the Botanical Garden, viewing more flowers and green garden as much. Knowing our families who take time getting somewhere and together nothing to tell they make us delay, so I and my cousin reached the garden’s gateway and waited for our parents to arrive. We were welcomed by the police persons to kindly wary on crossing road and security near gateway enquire us (including my power wheels) and leave us inside the garden to stay somewhere till our families come and for me no tickets were brought. Very special isn’t me :)

We spent more than two hours inside the garden assort by our families, me and my fav cousin get away from others took some path getting the attractive sights and catching some beautiful pictures. Let my grandpa to sit somewhere, as he can’t walk more, we went alike and I just like getting upward on seeing more people and green grasses separating the garden and beautiful flowers along we go, and some where perished disappointed to the early rain. The time already the famous Ooty Flower Show have been over and the left over models of flower fountain and spaceship rocket stands alone in mid of less grass land, the flower show arrangements of varies flowers on a side which closed to public view, even so it was disturbing the perished flowers here and there. The glass house yet simply beautiful with small flowers around in red yellows and the greenswards which is not allowed to stay now, it’s the pleasure u see rollover there, the drops on grasses are ever stay memories of then.

Me, dad and mom

Sticks like, the sky and dark blue colors of rows of flowers I see as something special to this garden and in backdrop we get wonderful snaps with people. The garden has this pond filled by leaves and banks of these flowers even people cross it for pictures and the roads with vehicle passing often disturbs the visitors. The crowd was unexpected and we can’t move freely though we can’t blame as it was the season end. This is one place I like to visit again and again sometime unseasoned, the grass, often changing weather, the chillness wind blowing through green tall trees… let leave to the future to decide. And I feel am making my trip long here, but I like describing it here as I like remembering them again. Hope am not boring u all? :)


ashok said...

cool fotos...

Priya said...

Nice photos and its been long time I visited and its a nice place.

vishesh said...

ha the place sounds and looks so good...i want to go there right now :(

Itz me!!! said...

hi Jeevan,
the pictures have come out very well :-)

Ash said...

Fantastic images, Jeevan. The colours are delightful!!

Keshi said...

I love the pics and the lovely fresh garden!

Say HI to ur mum n dad from me ok? :)



Anonymous said...

great pictures!

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Alok said...

I agree with others ... gr8 pictures


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Beautiful shots!God Bless your family :)

tulipspeaks said...

beautiful garden!!!!


Jeeves said...

Very nice pics

Cinderella. said...

The pix were lovely yaar ! And he garden is so inviting !!!

I'm sure you had a good time.

Kavi said...

Cool pics. Looks like you had a great time. enjoy

Sujata said...

Beautiful Pictures!

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
I am a big garden's laver so I had a great time being here. Pictures are great and this garden is gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing!
Best wishes to you and your family!

Lakshmi said...

lovely pictures and beautiful flowers..I love ooty ..it was our childhood holiday destination..my father used to take us every year almost till I finished school..brought back such amazing memories..hope you have such great trips

Shiva said...

Nice snaps. Glad that you had a wodnerful time. There used to be a Thoda house in the botonical garden. Did you see that? Did you visit the Assembly Theatre? I miss Ooty too:)

Jeevan said...

Ashok – Thank you, hope ur doing great :)

Priya – yes of course, thank you :)

Vishesh – its green would attract more, hope u visit there sometime :)

Its me – Thanks a lot :)

Ash – Thank you!

Keshi – Thanks dear, glad u liked. Sure will do :)

Theysaywordscanbleed – Thank you.

Alok – Thanks buddy.

Sameera – Thanks so much dear, I wish you too all the blessing :)

Ammu – Thank you!

Jeeves – Thank you

Cinderella – of course it was lovely. Thank you :)

Kavi – I feel though, Thanks buddy :)

Sujata – Welcome you here, Thank you!

Krystyna – there are some more to share, let post them sometime. I agree with you, it’s a very beautiful garden. Thank so much krish.

Lakshmi – ho, nice knowing it was ur childhood destination and then u must be having much experience :) its my second time to Ooty after 11 years. Thanks for sharing :)

Shiva – it was pleasant friend, thank you :) No, i didn’t find that house; think it must be somewhere inside, but I saw that thoda house on the way to Kodanadu. And no idea about Assemble theatre.

Resonator said...

beautiful garden!!

happy blogging

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully captured shots Jeevan & lovely reading your trip!

Anonymous said...

yeyyy mom and dad :)
i love her smile man..

Shuuro said...

park is beautiful, nice photos. my friend did his medicine in mysore and he always asked me to visit him, so we could go to ooty for sightseeing but i didn't and now i think, i have to see this place.