Monday, April 27, 2009

Cease fire, the hunger drama ends.

Is the cease fire happens because of hunger strike
Or it’s a conducted drama knowing perhaps cease fire? But anyhow the situation turns better is welcome in Sri Lanka.

Everyone knows it’s a clear drama conducted by chief minister Karunanidhi going on hunger strike suddenly today morning, in seeking vote. I feel actors are no more before someone who can make a wonderful script, had taken into action himself. Man I was surprise, to wake to see him lying on the cot and the art family partaking in the drama. Late night only I read in a magazine about his recent life, but never thought he will go on hunger strike when the war was at its edge. I want to ask him, where have he gone these days (expect the days in hospital) when thousands of lives have been lost and what does his hunger strike and cease fire do now? Could it give them equal rights and guaranty to survive peace, will the killing stop forever and how well do we know there wasn’t firing? Don’t we have a sense and knowledge? The CM has to realize people aren’t fools always, we aware about the struggles going around the world in supporting ceasefire and his hunger strike alone haven’t stopped the war and we could have saved so many lives as earlier world united to rescue humans.

From where came Tamils without being human, and I see the struggle in Sri Lanka as fight between army and terrorist, and I don’t know where the history begins. Being someone grown up learning Indian struggle, which got freedom by peace movements and non-violence created by Gandhi, something fighting with weapons doesn’t allow me to agree. Sincerely I neither wished the war ends by terrorists being caught or killed nor by dropping there weapons, but now it has been left smoking; without making it glow or switch off.

I could say there was no union among Tamils, and they aren’t clear about the demand between getting equal rights or separate state. If the LTTE is said to work for Tamils and to secure them, why do they go and hide in between innocent civilians and make them there shield? Instead of go on dying in war, dropping there weapons would turn there lives better and no more lives will loss. It’s a good chance that both parties agree to stop war and if killing is the only option there won’t be any lives left. Unless they get equal rights, the struggle never going to end

Then again, whoever the culprits should be punished, but not a death sentence!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I don't understand this funny drama! Besides, how can someone sympathize with a terrorist who has been propagating violence??I Indian politics is very strange, and stranger are Indian politicians!

yamini meduri said...

hahaha....why is this man turing out so funny these days??? i say, he should be left in Sri Lanka without anyone along with him...then he will know the pain our Tamilians are facing...!!!

Devika said...

Drama ends but the "hunger" and hence "hunger strike" will continue as long as politics continue, Jeevan :)

Good to know that you are keenly observing political of my areas of interest too :)

I am not doing anything at Socio-Political blog..a bit too disillusioned! :))


Devika said...

Disillusioned -- i meant by the Indian politcal scenario, Jeevan! :)


Shuuro said...

Well said jeevan, people are intelligent to fall for such dramas. he seem to have made this fast as convenient as possible, got air coolers to beat the heat :)).

Miladysa said...

Here is hoping that there will be peace soon.

Ramyah said...

Very true indeed Jeevan.There is no unity among Tamilians. And the politicians are so selfish. Though, i am not an indian citizen but as a Tamilian i have been watching what Karunanithi is going to do and i'm so disappointed with him being just another politically selfish person. That old man needs to go back home and play with grandchildren, seriously. I am hoping on day India will get a true selfless leader who will bring it to greater heights.

humanobserver said...

drama indeed. So that such politicians can hog the limelight.