Saturday, June 27, 2009

Highways and Clouds

cloud watching
The highways that laid down these days and across in process, is connecting well the main cities and towns are gift to travelers, who loves smooth and quick access to there destinations. We know roads are stretched to development to make easy the transportation and stress free travel, but sometime I think against this progress that why do we need highways to be widen by cutting down all roadside trees and destroying identities that stands for long. Especially on sunny days, traveling on highways is anxious without air condition on, which I hate to be and lack of shadows that can’t make chill sometime on long drives and I really feel what the traveling I was looking for doesn’t gives this highways and its simply bored and dry to travel long distances seems indifferent. On other hand I was happy about the quality of roads that could meet international standard, and those frequent on roads could enjoy the comfort which doesn’t fulfilled me.
NH 45
Last week I visited kodaikanal and few places around Theni district and as usual it’s more than 12 hours of journey. Keeping in mind the heat waves, we began our journey at 5.30am from Chennai and reached kodaikanal before dusk. Its third time in a decade I’m visiting kodai and quite right on route, and people who can’t agree with me caught up with puzzle, wasted time and fuel traveling in-between Vathalagundu and kodai road before finding dad’s friend wait at kodai road junction. The ghat road leads to kodai was quite flowing, thus everyone wonder how quick we reached top and it was a beautiful day of sky watching across land and hills.

The sky was wide open with clouds floating like cotton candies and displays child art similarly. I always wish to watch clouds that we imagine to draw wherever nature needs and it was such delight to watch in light blue backdrop. As we move on hills, the cotton candy clouds just crashes on the hills as mist and split as cold breeze; and when we head the guest house the place was soaked in drizzle. The sky was still opened to reflect lights in-between clump of clouds even nearly 7pm and we goose bump as our feet sense the coldness of earth. It was a pleasant stable that night and the house was really wonderful, and I will make a post separately on that.

mist sit on hills


vishesh said...

ha post some kodai miss it , went to ooty this year ;) And the highways are damn good aren't they ;)

Devika said...

Wonderful photos, Jeevan
and its always interesting to read your viewpoints in your travelogues :)


Kavi said...

Oh ! What a coincidence ! I was there too. I guess we missed each other by just a bit..

The roads were lovely. So was teh weather !

Will look forward to more posts on kodai ! I just had one on !


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

simply awesome :)

how r u jeevan?

Shuuro said...

weather is so pleasant and clouds look more awesome on highways with nothing to obstruct the view. after expansion of roads we should plant trees.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great pictures Jeevan! Always wanted to travel to Kodai but havent been able to!

Anya said...

Great pictures Jeevan,
I can see it was a nice trip :)
Lovely words !!
Have a nice sunday evening :)

( I just tagged you in a new fun game.
Come on over to visit me & you'll see what you have to do to play.

Kareltje =^.^=

Keshi said...

utterly breath-taking pics!

Sounds like u had a great time. Im jealous :)


humanobserver said...

Jeevan great images indeed.

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – there are so many photos... yet to post. I know and also saw the flower and doddabetta pictures :) yes of course the highways.

Devika – Thanks dear, you’re one who encouraging me to write on my travel :)

Kavi – as you told before in a previous comment, we had came very closer the path... but missed a lot to meet.
Thanks and keep visiting buddy :)

Preeti – Thanks dear. I’m fine and hope you’re :)

Shuuro – I see there was no steps taken to replace the ruin trees. also must thank, so that I came to enjoy the clouds.

Rakesh – Thanks bro! I wish u visit kodai sometime, before it turns into concrete slopes.

Anya – it was indeed anya :) Thanks so much.

Keshi – Thanks dear :)

Humanobserver – Thank you.