Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Pollachi to Chennai

Day: Dec29, 2008
from coconut country
It was inseparable morning, like as usual ever time I go on trips, leaving this coconut country Pollachi. Not because this is a place I have ever seen this much coconut groves and that I couldn’t make up to Top slip and Parambikulam, because I felt I need some more time to experience the change as the time was little brief. Since six months I visited pollachi, I could recollect something on my way back to Chennai by just withdrawing on the same route we took ahead. And it was morning time that I got to disclose the views around that get concealed in darkness while arriving at night.
There’re many coconut groves along the way until far from Pollachi and it was great thing to see many windmills, to stand and rotate gentle towards wind. After awhile came the Tirupur Corporation, with dust spreading across to some maintenance of road work and raised building as fence on both sides, we stopped somewhere to purchase clothes in this renowned banian city. It seems Tirupur is busy always and clothes are nothing cheaper like we thought and only those experts in textile industry could approach the right shop to purchase quality clothes in the confusing state of uncountable shops. Though we brought something, but couldn’t agree completely on its stability.
ayyanar statue
We had our lunch in Bhavani, and I found a long banner inviting even strangers to someone’s marriage, with a big picture of bride-groom, and faces of those seem to be relatives to the couple are pasted around the banner. And we stopped somewhere near Mettur, to find a village beside roadside with pretty paddy and sugarcane fields, and to move further to see a Ayyanar statue with some others and a horse nearby, which I was looking forward to see for long time in real. Throughout the way from Bhavani to Mettur it was green paddy fields and Cauvery running along.
earth fragrance
For the third time, I’m coming across Mettur dam and this time I saw a whirlpool on the reservoir. It was swirling with an uncertain sign of neither dragging nor motion on the surface of the water in a different shade. Doesn’t know whether the whirlpool sustain minutes before we arrive or it’s existing for long time, where a man was drawing his coracle against the whirlpool to escape nor I better not know is he fishing at safe distance. The other side, water was opened to flow from dam, where people sweeping clothes and vehicle, with a man and other sending there coracle.

After met with NH7 and as we move further climbing the little ghat, we found many monkey beside the road, which is a common sight here, and as we dropped some food stuffs, they came around collecting by staring for pictures, and more than adults there’re many cute little ones. Along the way there’re clusters of coconuts dropped for sale and we brought a dozen to home, and the sun was hiding its face behind the hills by evening around Krishnagiri, it was such brightness in crimson to blind someone for moment to staring. And it was time running uncontrollable to the movement of vehicle and it was night 10pm we reach home. I conclude my travelogue here which I begin to write six months ago about my travel to valparai and its surrounding.


Priya said...

Nice pictures and Pollachi is all about the green and nice rural atmosphere..

Ifthikhar said...

Good shots..and descriptions!

Kavi said...

No wonder, Pollachi is becoming the hub for film shoots

Jeeves said...

Lovely pictures. Now I want to visit Pollachi.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Fantastic pictures! I loved the 1t one...... seems you had a good trip!

Anya said...

Fantastic shots Jeevan :)
It was a nice trip I can see !!
Its for me funny to see
a road with palm trees,
I have three little subtropical palms in my garden
(It grows also in Dutch.. LOL)

( about my post today,
(i think) LOL)

Shuuro said...

fantastic pictures jeevan and nice account of your journey. your pictures are getting better every day.

Aparna said...

Beautiful pictures. Is that the place where billu barber was shot?
The first shot was excellent.

Keshi said...

what a beautiful land u live in Jeevan! I love pic #1 alot for what it speaks...amazing!


Jeevan said...

Pollachi is a very beautiful place, but i couldn't explore more about this place. I appreciate all your comments, Thank you :)

iGuy said...

None matters
Pollachi is an excellent scene of climate, nature and people
The cost of living is also low with better quality

I enjoy a lot in Pollachi since it's my hometown
Lucky to born there since free from entire machine sounds in child hood day's and explored a lot :)