Friday, July 31, 2009

Words, M or F

The following was my comment at keshi recent post and thought to make it a post here and it was just fun play to simply say which words are male or female, and to reason why they’re. And I just wrote what comes by mind at that moment. Just fun alone.

Printer – Female, since she delivers babies through a program done with male. (women is not a delivery machine ok)

Surgery – Female, even through surgery we can’t see what’s in there mind.

Keys – Female, in most of the homes it hangs on there hips.

Words – Male, hardly says facing women’s eyes

Blogs – Female, there occupation is more in blogs and I have more girlfriends here like never. hehe…

Water – Female, since there’re more rivers in India having female names, and the way women carries the water in pots on there top(head) looks beautiful and we also know they bear so much struggle every day then and now to fetch water in pumps and lorries.

Death – Male, because we lose our courage very soon and female are strong enough in nature. (I see it from my own experience in life)

Time – Male is the small arrow and female is the bigger one in the clock, because females does many works in time by going around many rounds in time male comes a round. So it’s female.(I keep in mind the office going man and homemade women, and man has a work to do in office, since she has many works to do at home and office, in case she works)

Sound – Female sounds sweet and they have beautiful throat to sing and I don’t tell males aren’t.

Banana – Male, I don’t like bananas except the hill grown and I see most man eat banana.

TV – Female, and the other meaning of TVs are now mega serials. There’re lots of homemakers in this world addict to mega serials and I wish these idiot boxes closed soon, before people become quite idiots.

Money – Males go behind it always to satisfy there females and children.

Tummy – The inseparable part of males easily. After the boon of TV, computers and IT sectors, the age has swept away in falling tummies.

Trains – Female, as they pulls their whole family in order on a track, and any male would derail seeing a pretty women.

Hollywood – Is there anything attractive than females? And the city where Hollywood itself has a link with Angeles and how angels could be a male?

Kiss – Anyone would get kiss and all kisses would never be like given by our mother, girlfriend and lover. Every kiss has a sense of love and we almost get it from a female.

Window – We cause to see nature as women, since she gives birth to human. I often see nature exist outside my widow and my admiring moon is described as a woman, who is a Female.

Work – Male, it makes him sustain and creates a pride in this world. I do feel many times when a working person gets prior than me. It also keeps male from thinking about women.

Rain –It’s a cause of nature, isn’t it? I love rain and anyone would like a girl dancing on rain. Female


Devika said...

Interesting, Jeevan :)

and this ups and downs -- take them in your stride Jeevan...i understand -- friends understand better than my case I have only two people who accept me fully as I am..:)

and i can't seem to be so open about me...though i talk so much..well that's my problem

be happy, my dear :)


Anya said...

Funny answers !!!

Jeeves said...


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

very witty gender categorization of those things.. kudos!

krystyna said...

Good job, Jeevan!
It was a Very good idea to write this your comment here.
I saw it at Keshi post and I read it with smile. Really interesting!


siva // ശിവ said...

Hi Jeevan, It is something very interesting...

Anonymous said...

It is not about male of female, it is about equal rights :)

Babli said...

This is something different and I found it very nice and interesting.