Friday, September 25, 2009


Golu is a decoration of dolls devoted to gods. Arranged like steps in one corner of the home, are placed with dolls of gods and few set of rituals; and beside this they create some interesting terrains like forest, hill temples, playing cricket, farming, villages... to attract people esp. children.

The golu is kept for 9 days on the occasion of Navarathri – nine nights. The women of the house who have arranged golu invite their neighbors, relatives and friends and offer varies snacks and gift little things to those visits. Sundal is the very common delicious food served at golu. Generally the visit happens in evening and thus the golu would look great glowing in enchanting decorative lights and lit lamps.
creative hill terrain
Not going deep into the custom, the homes that keep golu are followed as tradition on this yearly occasion. It’s been a decade I visited any golu. One of our relatives keeps golu every year, and this year there were three invites from our apartment homes and mom visited each home in evening and bring some things and snacks to home.

I couldn’t recall much about visiting golu, but it was a moment at our relative’s home, where I see a room dedicated to series of steps arranged from huge to small idols, with many set of moments spread on floor. There was a small gate wall separate the golu and serial lights go on and off blinking around. The pictures here show one of our neighbor’s golu.
a part of golu
decorative lamps


Lakshmi said...

ive kept golu at home too..will post soon

Shuuro said...

beautiful, they have good collection.

venus66 said...

So beautiful and colourful.

Anya said...

Its a very beautiful collection
so colorful :)
Have a nice weekend Jeevan !!

krystyna said...

Interesting post and beautiful photos!
In your country people celebrate many traditions. I think that it helps to keep good relathionship with family and neighbors.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Jeevan!

Kavi said...

The Golu at the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is something to see !

And what fun ! I miss those times.

Jeeves said...

Lovely golu

Resonator said...

nice golu.. will you give me sundal n snacks if i visit ur house :)

cyclopseven said...


Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeeva,
The ultimate purpose of navarthiri is to service the gadgets and the vessels and war weapons .Even if a war was on ,it would be temporarily stopped for those 9 days and the soldiers will repair their weapons.And another important thing is ,all the leaflets [ olisuvadis ] will have to be rewritten fresh as to save the damages.Thats why on Vijayathasami day we will start new account writing habit.Thats why students will be enrolled on that day.
But as usual, all the true purposes have gone with the wind.
Of course now we do oil service and water service as and when we like.So 'kolu ' has come to idol arrangement.Anyhow some festivals are needed for relaxation and refreshment.
Beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

great tradition Jeevan :)

Babli said...

Very interesting post and you have described very nicely. Beautiful photos. If time permits then visit my blogs.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to have my own one. neva seen one also..

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Great pictures Jeevan! Very colourful!

Ash said...

I remember visiting a neighbours golu when I lived in Chennai :-)

Belated Happy Navratri :-)

Miladysa said...

Very interesting post Jeevan - I followed all the links you included!

I would love to witness this for myself one day :)

Keshi said...

Jeevan this is so beautiful! I love dolls..always hv :) And this so v special cos there's a reason behind the existence of these dolls. ty for sharing it with us.


tulipspeaks said...

hey.. this is nice!!