Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kanthaswamy – colorful!

Even though I wasn’t well enough, I don’t want to miss watching Kanthaswamy – super hero! Here go few things about the movie.

The movie is a wonderful fantasy and similar to Hollywood super hero movies like Spiderman, Superman… and unlike these fantasy icons, our super hero Kanthaswamy helps people in need, by getting money from rich and distribute to poor.

The first thing that impressed me was cinematography! Every frame has something to admire. The songs are fantastic and very colorful to rejoice.

The director has handled the story very interesting. The series between Shyria and Vikram are hot and sweet. The costumes used by them are very trendy, similarly presented them as showcase dolls. Good opportunity for Shyria to showcase her mass and acting.

Just like passing clouds, music sprinkles unbound! Guess none needs knowledge to enjoy music and the songs in this movie makes this certain.

Something that pulls me back is the cause said to inspire isn’t strong enough in flashback and the mess-up comedies.

Glad dialogues haven’t go pages, its simple shot and sweet. But there are some complain from elders that conversation isn’t obvious.

The color tones used for Mexico and other few places are amazing. The golden grasslands and the following action scenes are great indeed! The setup of the CBI office and cat song displaces grand setting. Technically the movie leads Tamil cinema in quality and one should watch this movie in theater to get wonder and amuse.


Priya said...

I did watch it too. You can see once.

Shuuro said...

i saw trailer of this movie in telugu and i found it interesting. hope to see it next week.

Kavi said...

Have heard that its a long movie.. !

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
its really nice to see you having recovered and enjoying the movie.cheers.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
its really nice to see you having recovered and enjoying the movie.cheers.

Anonymous said...

lovely reading your review Jeevan...indeed today's cinema doesn't much appeal to our older generation, but its good our cinema quality is improving day by day!

tulipspeaks said...

i watched it with parents. an okay movie.

Anya said...

Thanks for your review ;)
I don't now or that movie also in our country is ??
(Are you feeling better now,
I hope so :)

José Ramón said...

A very interesting blog.

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Babli said...

You have described about the movie so nicely and I think it will be worth to watch the movie "Kanthaswamy".

Rajesh said...

Very nice review of the movie.

cyclopseven said...

Yeah..its nice and keep the action flow.