Monday, October 04, 2010

Endhiran hype

Everywhere it’s talk about Endhiran and its post and pre-release celebrations elsewhere. I personally feel the hype created by media and Sun picture’s is causing too much expectation and irritation among people. The fans celebrate it and Endhiran is not alone a movie to receive such abundance and every superstar’s release witnesses such enthusiasm and eagerness, but it defines larger this time as it involves the larger heads in movie industry including the subject.
Even missing the common wealth games excitement in country, many TVs tuned for watching the Endhiran movie release functions worldwide. Even I felt bad to say that I missed a vivid glow evening on doordarshan, watching our nation been displaying its very big and grand venue, were India shines very brightly like Sirius in the universe. The movie has talked much before it release and there’s nothing to say more about it and keeping away the suspect on hype and expectation, peoples response are overwhelm and speechless as of ever seeing a movie like this before in Tamil cinema.

It’s quite shanker movie in my view primarily where superstar might displayed like a super doll doing everything need for his character and fans. He’s general hero of almost everyone like him for his style and simplicity, and being super hype whatever he do are expose to publicity. The director has used this hype with strong media background; the movie is published with lot of expectations and causing disturbance in many ways to public. Thought we enjoy the hyper create by the fanfare, there is something for people to carry unmindful and do crazy which I like to dismiss and think media should stop encouraging such stupid activities.

I guess people are much endures to bear the movie’s non-stop publicity, sponsor by the Sun group of channels, which sounds aloud in-between watching programs, should think a good movie no need publicity and it will reach people by some ways through themselves. Don’t we listen to our neighbors and near and dear ones who watch the movies, but even though we need little aware about the movies which caused by the media, should be responsible and care to be publishing it in interesting and not irritating anybody. Looking forward to watch the robot with little expectation on Shanker and Superstar!

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Priya said...

It is too good and fun and do not miss the evil rajini. I watched on the first day of release here.

Devilish Angel said...

Have to watch that movie...

cyclopseven said...

It's entertaining.

Shiva said...

Somehow, I feel it failed to meet the expectations created by the hype. Rajini has done a wonderful job as the Robo, but it looked as if his scope was less and everything got carried away with animations. Also, it was too long and noisy. Cinematography failed to do justice to the beautiful locations in 2 songs. But a must watch because it's a different tamil movie

Anna said...

Its been over too years Jeevan since I watched a movie, lol. So far I am able to get through 10 minutes children cartoons, and I watched those many times, I think I am starting to like them more, lol, they are far more educating.

Jeevan thanks so much for your recent visit. It is always nice to see you. Anna :)

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
i accept every word of yours.100 % correct.what SIMPLICITY!!!! if he is simple, why did he have such a grand marriage ? He is the greatest hypocrite i have ever seen.
'' valu, valavidu'' what a dialogue he speaks in 'Kuselan".
what does he do in real life.
Atleast , he could have stopped the 'palabisekam' and could have asked his fans to donate that milk to some orphanage.
Simply watching all the drama with a sarcastic smile, feeling glorious inside and laughing at the foolishness of the idiotic idiots [ the DIE-HARD FANS ].
AND FOR HIS DAUGHTER'S MARRIAGE, HE SAID THAT THERE WILL be a lot of problems if the fans over crowd.
Can they overcrowd now ?
He could have given a simple meals to his fans on her daughter's marriage. Atleast a sweet distributed to everyone.!.And these fools worship him like god.
And the most important point, for the animation part of the film, they hired a U.S company, and gave them a huge amount.They could have used our animation experts which would have given them a bright opening and an unexpectable remuneration.
want to write more and more about it.
But ....

Ash said...

Sounds like an interesting film!

Lakshmi said...

Its a very good entertainer..I call it masala sci fi - ignore the media hype..thats sun's money and power talking

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW...its like a fever isn't it? I get the goose bumps as I read it...will see it soon

eswary said...

ok ok. will watch it soon...

Anonymous said...

Hey People

i want to rent out a film but its a blu-ray 1....i actually don't have a blu ray player though....can it still work??

Thanks alot :) !