Friday, October 29, 2010

A trail of my travel

Splendid millennium
The big temple in Thanjavur which mark the thousand years of it’s built shines to the sunset. Captured from my trip to tanjavur lately and it was a great structured to be remind and admire the beauty and grand architecture. It was my long time wish to visit thanjavur big temple and this time been celebrating its millennium year, I wished to mark my existence on its millennium year and thus happens this trip.

It was a weekdays journey we began on 18th Monday October and it was a planned travel to thanjavur, palani and kolli hills. It was partially wonderful and painful journey, because of my slightly down fall from wheels(chair) which disturbed the hand movement and pain still continues to strain me, but most of all it was an interesting and relaxed journey without much hustle and bustle.
paddy repository
Thanjavur which is said to be rice grain repository doesn’t showcase me much paddy fields or I didn’t went around the place to view more green fields, but it was good to see some vast paddy fields somewhere with no disturbance like pump sets or farm wells that interrupted like many other places and its almost irrigation is done by Kaveri river water that connect through canals.

We shared two places in thanjavur to stay and one was govt. guest house and the other was hotel lion city. The hotel room was in first floor and just been paid, my grandparents stayed there and we moved to guest house which was beautiful and nice. From there we move to palani, where my father wanted to go for sometime even we visited it when we (me and bro) were small kids, where we cried and fought in whom to go baldhead first.
palani malai
We just went near the winch and I told my parents already that I am not gonna come to the hill temple, but they wished me to come, and canceled finally only knowing that taking me to the hill top is impossible since the winch is too small and stands slantingly. In meanwhile we went around the palani sometime and discover the places nearby and enjoyed by touching the foot hills of kodaikanal which is 12kms from palani. let we talk more about it sometime… little struggling to write more since the fall down aches remains in shoulder.

About kolli, it won’t be an easily forgettable place for me, if not for the many beautiful villages and terrace paddy fields and very calm and pleasant weather with little left over medical essence fragrance, it’s the pain and fear that cause by the sudden down fall from wheels. It’s a moment everything felt like emerge with fear and pain that wanna stop me progressing, but somehow I managed to quite the tour kolli hills thinking the worth climbing 70 hairpin bends. sigh


Anonymous said...

Nice photographs, transparent, innocent and beautiful writing as ever and of course sincere and passionate!

Sorry to hear about the fall, Jeevan :) I am sure you'll overcome it like you have much else. Take loads of care of yourself! :)

Ash said...

Marvellous photos, Jeevan! I particularly LOVED the first one!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Wonderful pictures!

Urmi said...

Very beautiful pictures with wonderful description.
Take care of your health.

Kavi said...

Lovely pictures and truly good account !!

You rock !

krystyna said...

Hi Dear Jeevan!
I'm glad you could fulfill your long time wish.
Your post and great photos capture the beauty of these places.
Even though your big pain
did not prevent you.
I can imagine how much effort
and pain
this trip has cost you.
You're very brave man!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Priya said...

Great pics' ther' and well taken.

cindy said...

very nice blog...
I'm just new in blogging that's why I'm looking for a wonderful blogs who can inspire me. may I follow your blog, if it's ok with you..
Thank you so much!

Jeevan said...

Srini – Thank you so much friend. I am doing little better now; hope I do well soon :)

Thank you Ash, Rakesh, Kavi and Priya!

babli – Thank you and I do care dear.

krystyna – yes dear, so happy to check the majestic complex! Glad the down fall happens after checking this place. I am doing better now dear. Thank you.

cindy – Thank you and you r most welcome cindy. As u wish, and I don’t stop u following me :) take care.

Joop Zand said...

Hello Jeevan

Nice foto's on your interresting blog.

Greetings from Holland, Joop

Wish you all the best !

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots. I Have been to Tanjore temple and I just love it.

Jean said...

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