Saturday, February 12, 2011

Milk, depravation and agitation

Our first drink and food are certainly feed by milk from our mother’s breast which is significant than anything that could be compared with healthy and nutrition value to a child, but we aren’t constant to feed from our mothers lap after certain months and years thus shifting to feed on cattle’s such as cows, buffalos, goats, camels… according to available on states and countries.
We all know the significance of milk, which deals with our nutrition and health as a daily usage convenient to our taste and flavors by creating our own recipe. From our birth to death we deals with milk for immense reasons and most of all it’s a treat when it combines as coffee or tea that cause a refresh according to our state of mind and sense and defuses the yawn at dawn and tiredness at dusk.

We all know how the inflation has affected our daily usage and milk isn’t a thing except from this cause and its need and price aren’t at less these days and more over the Milk producers are at intense struggle to increase their purchase price. There are many ways to express their protest but what they do to showcase their request is atrocious and against their own livestock by pouring the collected milk on the roads and putting their cattle’s at diet restriction to produce less milk.

What agitate me more than their protest and threat to stop supplying milk was their way of aggressive towards cattle’s and wasting liters of milk on roads to deprave in unmindful. What they poured on roads are not their one day collection, it’s the collection of trust and value the immense liters that convey health and nutrition to children and many who survive on it and no mind will forgive seeing such atrocious attitude.

At other hand the petrol price is increasing at instant and we are unmindful at constant rise, but let’s stop here and think back at least now to do something to show our protest. The public has issued to not fill petrol on February 14th to disclose our agitation against the price rise to show our overall unity and strength against depravation. Lets hands together for a best cause!

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Deepak Acharya said...

I do not know what else to say !!!

Kavi said...

What do you say...these are sense deprived folks..

Rajesh said...

I agree with you. Even the protests can be done in a better way than like this.

geeth said...

How can they waste milk? What are they thinking?

cyclopseven said...

It is such a pathetic scenario in this so called modern society. I agree with Rajesh, there are better ways to protest. This is not only crude, but out-rightly inhuman behavior. Not a minute sense of justice and compassion for the cows.