Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Belair cottages

The day begins for me with sunrays waking me at my bedside besides melting away the moisture dewdrops on the windows panes; I open my eyes to see the colorful flowers wiping away the windows screen. Dreaming away somewhere, the sound of twittering birds awake me from asleep inside this vintage cottage with taller roofs from the British period. Landing here at night full of darkness and mist, I missed to see how beautiful the place was where I slept asleep amid coldness without realizing how pristine and peaceful the existence was.
Daisy beauty
The chirping house sparrows from their home among the wooden portico rejuvenates smiles seeing them after long back losing their little feet’s in our neighborhood in cities were sweet surprise sweeping my first sights of birds in Nilgiri from the recent trip to Kotagiri. The mynas were everywhere put there feet’s at green grasses and lawns are pretty nice to watch while pecks seek grams and nothing more even a little flower grasp easily the eye sight very beautifully here. The lawns are something always invites to roll on and I was touched by the dewdrops at the end of grasses through the sense was refreshing.

The Belair cottages nest in the 80’s British bungalow has a lot to admire within its premises and its wooden floor was something soothe to our foot and bringing down the coldness inside. The hanging Japanese art in the hall was beautiful and the curtains screened windows bring light embrace into the room where an indoor fireplace framed in simple designed wood. The pink painted building festooned by bloomed creepers along the front porch beings fairness feel to this simply tiled roof with two pretty vents on top.
Indoor fireplace embrace light
Similar to homes stay sort, the Belair treats with homemade dishes served by the Manipuri’s thus have an attached restaurant at its backyard in a dome style also services at our doorstep with advance booking an hour before. The whole stay was somewhat comfort and very pleasant attended to the chirping birds and hills mound of tea estates and green carpet nearly with a heart of patch brings a destination itself. Less than two km from the Kotagiri bus stand, the Belair brings a feel of partially surrounded by tea gardens, lonely if there’s none occupies either portion.

Since visited in April I recall the moments often in dream, refreshes every time thinking about want to do a post on it... perhaps a lot more to write, I looking forward to constant motivation which I lack lately to write.
pretty gateway
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Rajesh said...

Beautiful cottage. Wooden flooring an pillars provides a grand look.

Ash said...

Lovely! I absolutely adore the pink wall!

Babli said...

Beautiful floor, wonderful cottage and lovely description. Very nice post.

Eden said...

Such a beautiful cottage. Nice post with beautiful photos. You write very good, Jeevan.

eden said...

Hi, Jeevan!

Thank you so much for the visit and nice comments. Great appreciated. Have a wonderful day always.

lina@happy family said...

How are you Jeevan? Thanks for dropping by and leaving valuable comments.

Love reading this. It's really a wonderful cottage. Thanks for sharing :)

Ponniyinselvan said...

beautiful house and lovely flower

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i just cant move my eyes away from thr pic of those flowers. :)

Dawn said...

The beauty is not only in the pictures but the color combination...amazing :)
It actually lifts the picture :)