Monday, June 04, 2012

Power sharing – while there’s no power

The power has been a big problem these days and due to shortage in electricity, there is a constant power cut in the state of Tamil Nadu for more than a year or two now on hours basis and a day holiday for once in month. I guess there’s similar problems in many other states of India too, and the worst affected here are the industries and rural areas where power cut is double triple times than two hours in cities… in some places its unstable and total shutdown for a day.

Glad we live in city like Chennai to experience and suffer from lease power outage, and whereas for our comfort many experience the burned out of city limit which we don’t realize or think about easily! Electricity is common for everyone and basic essential of life, but how many of us truly realize the worth of electric and even thought it wasn’t there we certainly go for alternative than accepting the shortage and try to reduce its usage or change schedule  according to power outage.

Alternative is not at all bad but when it comes from the same resource like electricity which already suffers a lot will make the situation even worse than leaning hand. There is a talk for one such alternative at home for long time and the urge for inverter has increased lately among parents… but I kept concern of keep away the thought and interest of parents confessing that electric is common for everyone and when others suffer, we have to take part in it instead going for inverter as alternative which is a way of stealing power.

If we think of the 6 to 8 hours of power outage out of city, just 2 hours is nothing but least to bear and a small change in our routine will do better and make us concentrate at things we badly missed in presence of current. I take the time of outage to write blogs or work on Photoshop, since I own laptop I make certain there’s enough power for two hours and the only disadvantage was lack of internet connection and I also do book or paper reading and listen to Walkman.

There are many way to divert our attention than feeling for single most current that connects our electronic devices, but we need to accept most of our today’s activates are based on gadgets. Back to inverter, it’s a worth device and necessary if we are at constant basis of work or expose to frequent power outage and for a house usage, I don’t think it’s quite necessary when many others suffer a lot from outage, we alone going for a inverter what other can’t afford esp. the poor. Again I need to confess, electricity is common for everyone and it’s a basic vessel we all travel on and we all need to share the pressure to make sure balance float and enjoy the pleasure ride.


Vetrimagal said...

Lovely timely post Jeevan. All over India, this is the problem. In South , and Mumabi, Delhi, there are power cuts.
But there are many districts in the country which has power shortage throughout the year.

Agree, that we have to share the burden.We have done so, for many decades. What happened? Nothing.
When governments come to power , with freebies and black money, why should we not question?
Where did the money come for freebies, why not spend it for electricity generation, alternate power supplies, solar energy, etc?

How long can we accept this situation and bear with them? WE have to start asking why?
Then our country will progress.

TexWisGirl said...

wouldn't it be great if more people thought like you did and conserved energy - or even went without for short periods of time - to help out for the greater good?

George said...

We're fortunate that power outages are rare where we live, but when they occur it's really an aggravation. We depend so much on electricity in our society.

Simran said...

I am glad to read that you think of others too. That's sweet!
Here too there is a great problem of power cuts and that creates a lot of problems but we are now quite habitual of bearing that.

A nice write up again :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Jeevan. Wish we ALL worked harder to preserve electricity.. For us, that would be the time to get away from the TV, the computer,etc. and get out in nature and take a long hike!!!!!

So sorry to hear that your country is having a hard time with electricity.. We all do get spoiled without it.

ashok said...

great post Jeevan...

Anonymous said...

interesting and thinkable post...

thanks for sharing and visiting my blog

Jeevan said...

Vetrimagal – Life is a sharing, don’t u agree?... there isn’t a stop for it. Your questions are so right and we all need to question, but how? We have sent our representative via MPs and MLAs... they are still silent and senseless being and only response to their personal questions. We have bore them enough and when there’s no power our voice raises and once it come back we lose into our gadget world.

It’s the people who suffer, goes against the Kudankulam power project stopping the generation of electricity.

The post is not about questioning the government and we all know the shortage has been there for long but how can we share the supply certainly and use it without wastage. I would say our country is progressing at unbalance... where while the industries and technologies grow there should be a parallel growth of electricity which is a base for anything to sustain.

TexWisGirl – The always present never leave us to think the worth of it unless we miss them. We need a control over using power even thought there is more than enough.

George – I understand! Glad there isn’t a problem for power there.

Simran – Thanks dear... I wish everyone has a social response and care for others. We also used to be like that, but certainly we could bear enough only to a limit. While other bear without power, it’s not good enough going selfishly storing the current and use it without realize the lack of power or its worth significant.

Betsy – Thanks Betsy… You are right about keep away those gadgets and power outage is a chance and makes us realize the excitement wait outside our windows. We hope things will back to normal soon...and keeping in mind the usage.

Ashok and Krishna – Thank you so much.

eden said...

Nice post, Jeevan. You are right that electricity is a basic essential of life. We are lucky here that outage is very rare to happen but not in the country where I came from. People there are facing same problems as yours.

Have a nice day to you!

Ramya Ranganathan said...

hmm... Thoughtful post Jeevan. Even I didn't agree for inverter for the same reason. But these days , I work from home during weekends and trust me its such pain. I literally end up praying .Tthe laptop battery shows 40 mins left over time. by gods grace, the power resumes just before the battery dies. ha.. Wat a uselsess tension during work.

So I have decided to go for an UPS .By next week the installation will be done. I didn't like the idea , but I cant take risks anymore wrt work.

Kalyan said...

I completely agree with your thoughts...power is such an essential necessity in our lives and power shortage is one problem being faced in every corner of our country today. As you said cities are still a lot better, bu the villages just remain almost they were a decade back in perennial darkness especially during the hot summer months.