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PAP – Best Water Resource Development

Water, the chief ingredient of life is reliance upon rain. We can live even without eating for few days or a week but no life is survived without drinking or sucking water fall as rain. Life becomes trouble in case we took refrain drinking water for whatever reason such as hunger strike; though however noble it might be. Today obesity has drive people to drink plenty of water – which eases digestion and helps removing toxin from body. The advance technology in desalination has made alter routes for getting drinking water from sea, but the natural rainwater still holds lot of benefit on health enhancement.

It’s apparent that no life exists in earth without water and it’s a cycling process where trees help producing rain and rain as its resource. We man disrupt either by placing our self in front row, driving others as much possible aside by building endless homes and business to extreme anti-environment and producing immense population shrinking our  sources. The water was sought not only as a life source or health benefit but also to gain trust of vote in election. The politicians bear water as a vital element to score higher in election, no matter how people suffer or fought for life.

Parambikulam Aliyar Contour Canal
In Tamil Nadu the best water resources developments took place during the Kamaraj’s administrative – the former chief minister of TN; who widely known as Kingmaker in Indian politics, who’s tri-tenure or the nine years administrative (1954-1963) as CM of TN were considered as golden period. During his regime witnessed number of dams built across the state and each one of them were an engineering marvel. The uneducated genius - Kamaraj - plays a pioneer on interconnecting rivers and his head of administration has dug number of tunnels diverting the water to utilize fully.

Among the many major plots he charted on irrigation front, feeding thousands of acres of lands across the state, the 'Prambikulam Aliyar Project' is notable! Carried out on the state boarders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, PAP is a multipurpose and interstate river valley project diverting and integrating the eight west flowing rivers to the east side to the then drought pone area of the Coimbatore and Erode districts of TN and Palghat of Kerala.  The irrigation network consist of seven major canals, comprising one diversion weir,  seven storage reservoirs, conveyance system and interconnecting tunnels to divert water impound to the plains of Coimbatore and Erode.

Contour Canal
Except the three reservoirs slip into the Kerala state, I have drawn to five of the seven reservoirs lie at various elevations ranging from  +3800 feet and +1050 feet across the Anamalai Hills. Lying at difference in elevation has also made it possible for these reservoirs to generate hydro-power. The Aliyar Reservoir built across the Aliyar River at the foothills of Valparai has its source in the Anamalai Hills. Apart its own catchment area of about 76 Sq. Miles, water to this reservoir is diverted through the Aliyar Feeder canal and the Contour canal from the Parambikulam group of reservoirs.

What you see in these photos is the Contour canal rode from Parambikulam, which is one of the major canals running for a total length of about 250 km. apart various branch canals, distributaries and minors through which about 4.25 Lakhs acres of lands get irrigated. About 5 km from Aliyar Dam, we saw the contour canal crossing the road to Valparai, and this canal carries water to Thirumoorthi reservoir about 35 km from here. The water was at its full fledged during our uphill ride and we stopped there for a while, while our relative explaining its progress. It felt something wonderful when looking at the fresh water rushing through the canal and fact that they pass number of tunnels lasting certain kms into hills. 

It seems one of the best sharing projects so far between the states with no major issue based on sharing. To note a point, the PAP project had carried out quite throughout IndiraGandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park which beholds number of endanger and wild animals. It doesn't sound easy for me to dug deep tunnels into the haven of wild animals and infectious insect bites… and in time when everything was suppose to done manually. I couldn't stop praising those heroes involved in this project and the engineers with amazing talent on finding routes. 


Destination Infinity said...

Did you go to Azyiyar dam? It is on the foothills of Valparai hills. It's a beautiful place and got a nice view of mountains. They have built a nice park there and there are some more tourist attractions as well. The picture taken at Azhiyar dam is my FB wallpaper *header image* now!

Destination Infinity

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Wow this seems like an amazing project my friend. I think a lot of people underestimate the power and importance of water to our earth.

Ramakrishnan Ramanathan said...

Thanks for the very informative post. Water is becoming a very scarce commodity and must be preserved at all costs.

Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like a great irrigation system.. YES---we all do need water. In fact, a couple of states in our country (Tennessee and Georgia) are having discussions about part of one of our big rivers. Both states want the water from that section... Guess the court system will figure it all out sometime!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Jeevan said...

Destination Infinity - How can I miss Rajesh? Unlike my first time to Valparai, I haven’t visited the Aziyar dam during my last trip. But one can’t miss checking the entire view of dam while climbing valparai hills. At each hairpin bend one could gets a stunning view. You can check my visit to Aliyar dam by clicking the link added to the “Aliyar Reservoir” on the post.

or copy past the link

Anonymous said...

Water is indeed a precious resource.

TexWisGirl said...

i've always said, the most precious thing on earth is land - and the water that feeds it.

ANITA said...

Nice Jeeovan!))))))

eden said...

What a wonderful project that benefits everyone!Every living creature needs water in order to survive. thank you for sharing information about this project. Nice post.

Rajesh said...

Very true, no water then no life. That is a good work done to conserve water.

dawn said...

I think you are bringing awareness among everyone about these projects. It's good idea to share.

Thanks dear

Pattu Raj said...

Again and again, you posts on those water bodies, and those g hats, make me feel , how I have missed visiting them.

Who remembers that great man, Kamaraj, now? :-(. We can only be grateful for him, and wish that he along with Gandhiji, will bless our country, from wherever he is.