Saturday, August 11, 2012

A day with baby Barath

I could count it as one of a blissful day in my life and the four and a half months old made my day indeed pleasure and impressive watching through his activities of innocent smiles, laughter, rollover and seldom sweet cries. One of my cousins came home last week with her baby boy, after long time and since delivery; and thinking about our pet she avoids visiting us and yet days before going to her in-laws house she decided to visit us and stayed over a night.
Me and nephew Barath
Me and Nephew Barath
I ever seen a kid like him so cheerful and enthusiastic and almost smile looking at everyone; he’s very quiet while sleeping and laughter aloud once wakeup and only cries when hunger strikes… otherwise he’s happy playing and rolling around. I had abundant opportunity to capture each of his activity and gesture, almost adorable and cute, to stay never ever away from memories and cherish each time checking over my pictures on him.

He’s named as Barathan alias Barath, but he has many nicknames called by each other and the common one is ‘Bujju’ and during the first 2 month I heard he was very very quite unlike other kids who used to cry often. Huh! He sees everything quite opening his eyes and even began to watch television without blinking a second… his tiny fingers and pristine feet make me wonder how many miles and summit this infant gonna patch its footprint despite stroll.

Pls. take a minute of your time to check the photo slideshow below and I hope you all will enjoy few of the photos - from the many taken on this adorable infant, wearing innocent smiles and expression.

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TexWisGirl said...

he is very cute. wide-eyed and innocent with the whole world waiting for him. :)

ashok said...

very cute baby!

Anonymous said...

What fun. He looks adorable!

eden said...

He is a cutie! Nice slideshow. I enjoyed viewing it. Thank you for sharing.

PhilO♥ said...

Such an adorable kid :) *smiles*

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

a child only can any sad climate into a soft one.Thats why a child is said to be equal to god

Kalyan said...

So cute...innocence of childhood perfectly captured!

Simran said...

So cute! :)
Loved all the pics!
Thanks for sharing such adorable posts!

best wishes

Anonymous said...

beautiful and cute baby

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very cute indeed! My best wishes to your cousin and family.

Rajesh said...

Very cute.
Kids always cheer us up with their activities.

Anonymous said...

A post that abounds with wondrous love and great joy! And, yes, cute pictures in the slideshow :)

My sister gave birth to a baby boy recently, and I am reminded of him and his own kingly habits when I read the post and see the photos.

And the following line is very well conceived - made me smile:

"[...] his tiny fingers and pristine feet make me wonder how many miles and summit this infant gonna patch its footprint despite stroll."