Monday, August 27, 2012

Colors that I captured

Our friend Rajesh of My Indian Travel invited me to participate in ‘Capture the Colour’ contest by TravelSupermaket and here I like to share the colors in images that I captured and picking the photos randomly from the folders. The photos below are highlighted by the colors of blue, green, yellow, white and red.

In memory of Tsunami victims!

This memorial is erected in the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari, in the memory of the Tsunami victims; Kanyakumari lose hundreds of lives to the tsunami that stroke the Southeast Asia on 26 December 2004. In the abstract sculpture, I could observe a hand allying the rage wave and other one holding a lamp as pleasing the wave.

Kodanad Estate
This is a part of Kodanad Estate, in the Nilagiri District of Tamil Nadu and this is a shot captured close to the TN chief minister’s bungalow, where she use to take rest while in office or not and coincidently she was staying there while we visited the estate and view point. But she was not in the power that time and it was the period waiting for the results of the state assembles election last year in April.

Banana flowers
Other day mom brought banana flower from market and it looked very pretty in color like ever seen before. The middle part was in mild pink and tip in yellow; I find it wonderful to capture. For some time now, the banana flowers have been my favorite thing on food and I wish mom cooks it at least once or twice in a week.

Danish Governor’s Bungalow
This amazing white colonial building was taken into renovation to its original appearance of what it is now from nearly destruction. The 250 years old, former Danish Governor’s bungalow in Tranquebar was taken into restoration from brick by brick by the INTACH, holding up the building’s Madras terrace roof with great pride and poise. The building which is belong to the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department with the assistance from the Danish National Museum and INTACT restore the original structure, which melds colonial features with the local Tamil vernacular.

Marrybrown ECR
Sometime before we checked the Marry brown restaurant on the ECR, near VGP golden beach, for some spicy and crispy chicken; and while waiting on car I find the facade of the building pretty in red to capture. Marry brown is not my favorite outlet for crispy chicken and we checked it for only couple of times before KFC open its outlet in our neighborhood close to ECR.

I also pass this invitation to 5 of my blogger friends for their participation: 


Anonymous said...

All the best Jeevan! Some good pictures there.

The description about the monument erected for the Tsunami was also very interesting. Thanks for the same :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

so many things start making sense and meaning when we have a theme in mind..
good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I am very glad to receive your invitation to participate in contest.

My coming post will be "capture the color"

Its festival time in Kerala


THANK you very much

Kavi said...

Very nice ! Some colour indeed !

Devilish Angel said...

Good photos...

TexWisGirl said...

i LOVE the green! yellow is beautiful, too!

Thommy said...

The colors that tell stories

George said...

You did a wonderful job of capturing the colors in these photos.

Anonymous said...

Love the vibrancy of these shots.

eden said...

These are beautiful.

Thank you for inviting me to participate. I will do it on the weekend.

Have a great day always.

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan(1981-2005 ) said...

why no invitation to me?kobaththudan,

Vetirmagal said...

Lovely color captures Jeevan.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful choice of images. They fit very well.

Kalyan said...

Beautiful captures!