Saturday, December 10, 2016

The one and only J

It’s quite miserable to the state of Tamil Nadu missing the beloved Chief Minister, Dr. Jayalalitha, in an unexpected down to illness. We may love or hate her, but her achievements and attitudes toward the Tamil people couldn’t be denied by anyone apart her self-confidence, courage and commendable leadership at governance. She perhaps corrupted at a time, and made mistakes like a regular human, but for that alone we could not stop thinking about her wonderful deeds that helped achieving the state in its goals. Her mourn to death has proved that everyone admired her in some ways esp. being a woman her empowerment had inspired millions of women, who seeks rights to achieve their dreams, and she stamped a irremovable ink in frame and fame as Amma – meaning mother. The entire state has blocked their ways, prevented their day to day activities and took troublesome to pay homage to their honourable Chief Minister leaving away all the differences.  There’s any political leader received such a multitude in last 3 decades after the MGR’s crowd pulling funeral. It’s truly amazing and admirable how a woman administered the regime in single hold and in a court where only men ruled so far.

Her regime had done innumerable goodness to the society and her rainwater harvesting project, urging every household to implement the system is one of the best, continues to improve the groundwater and prevents flooding enough. One of the great achievements of her lately was sustaining her regime continuously for 2nd time, on the footstep of her preceptor MGR. Though we may complain money played a role on the success, but undoubtedly it wasn’t the only reason and I myself believed only she could give better governance than the existing political parties. Her leadership was pretty strong, though she was the only commander on the sail everything worked fine on her diligence. The Cauvery issue handled by her is worth commendable and I believe we could have not reach this much, where Supreme Court’s intervention and fasting the progress of   forming Cauvery Water Management Board on implement our right and share of water, if she hadn’t endeavour die hard. How many letters? I think she could be the only Chief Minister across the India to write innumerable letters to the Prime Minister on the requirement of the state. And most of them were related to Cauvery water dispute and rescuing fishermen from the grip of Sri Lankan Navy.

She might be a great actress and pretty heroine in past but I haven’t watched many of her films and my introduction to her was only as Chief Minister and I have seen her being outstanding and sometimes disagreeable. On the political front I admire the way she dominate the regime and party, because leading a party (with about 15 million members) with restraint is impossible unless herself being a disciple, of the former. And being silent always I really wonder how she continue to retain herself among the public despite many ups and downs happening in her personal and political life. And also maintains a lifestyle that’s quite mysterious where meeting she is also uneasy even for her party men/women. Now, her demise has brought an end to all and my only thought right now was how and who going to lead the Tamil Nadu for next four year. Though OPS have been the Chief Minister, missing someone powerful like Jayalalitha is deceive for the people to believe in the existing regime. I really don’t know what to say rather thanking her for the best! 


L. D. said...

It is interesting to see your country seems to be in conflict as much as ours is. I am sorry it is a troubling time with her health bad.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

So sorry to hear about the illness of your Chief Minister. From your words, she obviously has done so much to help the state of Tamil Nadu.. It is always hard to see the 'heroes' in our lives suffer....Most leaders in all countries have good qualities and bad qualities... But TRUE leadership is hard to find. "J" will be missed I'm sure.


Destination Infinity said...

I too admired the braveness and talent of our former CM. I am not a fan of her administrative style using excessive force. But I guess she had no other option.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

An admirable lady! It is not easy to manage the ministers here. They were scared of her. Her way of handling them was different, I think.

She will be remembered mainly for rainwater harvesting and amma unavagam. They gave free food now during the cyclone period, a couple of days ago. The food is prepared in a clean environment, so everybody likes it.