Saturday, September 02, 2017

NEET Dispute

Suicide is undoubtedly unacceptable whatever reason has been told behind one. Anitha’s suicide due to unable to attain medical course because of less marks in NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test, for Indian students who wish to join medical course) has gripped the entire state of Tamil Nadu. She didn’t give up just by that but has fought against the NEET, arguing in the Supreme Court, impleading herself as a respondent demanding an exception to NEET for Tamil  Nadu  when the state govt. let down the state board students without aid them in anyways.

The 17-year-old Anitha from Ariyalur, the most backward district of Tamil Nadu has scored 1176 marks out of 1200 in her 12th board exams and was determined to be a doctor with cut off mark of 196.75 out of 200. But her NEET scores couldn’t make the cut as she scored only 86 out of 700 in the newly introduced entrance exam. It’s obvious that it wasn’t her fault in anyways and for the girl who scored top in board exams, NEET couldn’t be a trouble if she instructed properly.  Not only she, all students went to write the exams with a confused state whether the central govt. will waive or not for Neet in Tamil Nadu.

It’s completely failure of the deal between the state and central govt. and the education system with different syllabus for each state, how could they go for a common entrance exam when there’s lot of differences between the CBSE (central board of secondary education) and state boards.  Neet could be a better option only in the future when there’s a common education system and syllabus cross the country.   I think Neet isn’t’ included as a subject in schools and one has to take special coaching classes to train themselves to write the exam.

One of my nephews wrote Neet and they paid about 25000 for just a month course of Neet. Because of difficulty and to score high he shifted to state board after studying up to 10th in CBSE to join medical course and in belief Neet will be waived off Tamil Nadu. Though he scored high marks in 12th and less in Neet unable him to attend the council but without delay he joined engineering. Anitha seems to be intense about joining medical course despite the fact that she had an Aeronautical Engineering seat at the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology.

For the middle and above classes, taking the special coaching for Neet couldn’t be much difficult¸ but for a daughter or son of labour (alike Anitha) or farmer isn’t same. This isn’t the state of only Tamil Nadu, but all states face the difficult when the coaching for Neet doesn’t come free. A competition could be fair only if both sides are strong enough and CBSE consist of high standard compare to state and matric syllabus how could NEET be justified and be common to all. India is a diverse country and each state has a different language and syllabus to read and when things was like this the state wide entrance exam could be the right unless a common syllabus spread across India. 


Nancy Chan said...

This is indeed a very sad case!

Sandi said...


This is horrible. Unbelieveably heartbreaking.

Praying for her family...

Destination Infinity said...

There will be setbacks in life, even if one scores 1200/1200. But suicide is not the way to deal with them, even if the mistake is someone else's.

Destination Infinity

carol l mckenna said...

Heartbreaking for sure ~ this world seems to be going backwards everywhere at times and losing its heart and soul ~ so wrong that a young girl would take her life as a result of strange govt standards ~ My heart goes out to the family ~


Thanks for 'visiting and commenting' on my blog, Jeevan ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

eileeninmd said...

Hello, what a sad story. The scoring process does not seem fair! Prayers for Anitha's family!

Rajesh said...

This is a very tragic incident. I wish kids on merit are given more priority.

Arti said...

Thanks for writing about this, Jeevan. So sad and tragic to read about the young girl Anitha... the scoring system apart, there is so much to life besides only exams, marks and degrees. Hope her parents and near and dear ones have the strength to cope with the huge loss.

Anupama said...

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