Friday, July 08, 2022

One morning in Uncle's woodhouse

Several unidentified birds chirp, 

Woke me up earlier than usual. 

The natural alarm of the woods pleased the ears.

I was still drowsy and perplexed by my state of existence. 

Is it that I awoke or that I am still dreaming?

The dark shadow of night removed 

As the early light enters the room,

As beams that support a structure 

It glows as it reflects off the pine woodhouse. 

I couldn't sleep any longer when nature called. 

Because we are not bestowed on a daily basis

With beautiful tones of birds tweeting. 

Excitement pulls me out of bed.

The night cold had left me with a parched throat 

To talk in a hushed tone 

I opened the backdoor.

The song of birds fills the backyard with joy.

It gives the eyes work to spot 

Birds playing hide and seek in the wild undergrowth. 

It was a busy morning with birds. 

Before they take off on their daily foraging, 

I would try my best to capture them 

Before I have my part of breakfast. 

P.s. It's been three years since I visited my uncle's woodhouse in the Kodaikanal half-mountains, surrounded by coffee, pepper, and orange plantations. According to Facebook memories, I left for Kodaikanal today in 2019 and couldn't stop thinking about my past visits. The poem was inspired by waking up one morning to birds singing.


Tom said...

...a nice place to visit and hearing the birds must have been a treat.

Twilight Man said...

I wish I could wake up each morning with birds chirping and singing to start my day. Instead I hear passing cars outside my bedroom windows 😂

I look forward to travel and visit other countries again. Not until I can fully recover, so I leave it to fate. Jaipur is still in my bucket list

George said...

The wood house must be in a beautiful setting. Your poem is beautiful as well.

Bill said...

Sounds like a wonderful place, somewhere that you can enjoy nature.

L. D. said...

It is a wonderful house. Wooden sided houses I am assuming are rare in your country. I could see why you have good memories of any visit to your uncle's place.

eileeninmd said...

Love the poem, it is great the birds singing are an inspiration.

Take care, enjoy your day and happy new week ahead.

Nancy Chan said...

A wonderful trip and stay at your uncle's place. I too enjoy listening to bird's chirping in the morning. Have a beautiful week.