Friday, September 04, 2009

பேப்பர் கவிதை/ Paper poem

பணம் தந்தார்கள் பேப்பர் வாங்க
படித்ததை எழுதி பட்டம் பெற;
நானும் பெற்றேன் பட்டம்
படித்து அல்ல, பறக்க விட

They gave money to buy paper
to write what learned to get degree;
I too got the degree - kite
not by learned, but to get fly

பணம் பத்தும் பண்ணும் என்பார்கள்
ஆனால் பேப்பர் இல்லையெனில்
பணமே இல்லை

Money does many things
but there’s no paper
no money


நனைவோம் என்ற நினைப்பை மறந்து
பேப்பர் மடித்து விட்ட கப்பல்;
கவிழாமல் நனையாமல் செல்ல
குடைபிடித்து சென்ற தருணம்
என்றும் நினைவில் நிற்க்கும் கரையாமல்

Forgetting the thought of getting soaked
to fold paper to leave boat;
to sail without overturn and soak
the moment went on holding umbrella
always remain in mind without dissolving.


Anna said...

Jeevan these are nice poems. Did you write them? Anna :)

Anya said...

by this way
each new day
I let float

my paper boat

down a fast
running stream
that holds no dreams

Lovely poems Jeevan :)
I'm always in a poem mood ;)

Priya said...

Fantastic lines Jeevan.

:: flyingstars :: said...

lovely, sweet little poems Jeevan...Even though the poems are short but the message it carries is very strong....well written!

siva // ശിവ said...

Great verses dear Jeevan....:)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...


venus66 said...

Very deep. Pregnant with meaning.

krystyna said...

Great line and lots of wisdom there.
Love it,
thanks dear Jeevan!

Devika said...

Good verses, Jeevan :)


exposemaximum said...

I appreciate your deep thoughts

Aparna said...

Poignant lines. Enjoyed reading them.

Sujata said...

Very nice...did you write them Jeevan?

Babli said...

Very sweet and lovely poem written by you. Keep writing.

Ghost Particle said...

Hi Jeevan, how are you? been a while, hows Chennai climate? :)

Shuuro said...

very nice jeevan.

Mythily said...

After reading ur poems, i felt like writting new ones... impressive jeevan...

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. Of course, i only wrote these poems!

cyclopseven said...

Wonderful poems.

Pannom patthum pannum enbarkal
aanal paper illeiyil
pannum illei..:.

I like this one very much.

♥ தூயா ♥ Thooya ♥ said...

கப்பல் கவிதை..கவிதை :)