Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Confusion on Wheel Chare


Yesterday I feel Sad. Because, Yesterday Muscular Dystrophy Association organized a meeting on Parents and Doctors. My parents went to that meeting, they also arranged a music program my Malgudi Subha. When they return they bought me a Wheel Chare. I was shocked to see that, and feel very bad, because I dint like to sit on that chair, I was worry that my life had came to wheel chare. And I dint sleep the whole night; I was thinking for a long, it confused my brain. After wards I asked to me, why don’t we try wheel chare? My parents are happy because they told me with the help of wheel chare u could go anywhere and see the world. But I am normally very shy person, I feel very bad. After wards I decided to take wheel chare, but my confusion dint end.

Why I wrote this because, I want to tell this to any body, did I have a friend I will definitely tell to him about this. Now I have many friends (blog friends) so I like to share my words with you friends.


SongOfSoul said...

Dear Jeevan,
I know it can be very painful. Very confusing too. You will definitely think why this for me, why should I go through, why me?? In this world, if there is one word for which there are no answers, it is the word "WHY".

Every thing is an experience in this journey of ours on this planet. With those experiences we learn, we adapt and we conquer.
We not only conquer ourselves, but the destinies, and even more higher powers.

Same thing with you, in your situation I would have probably felt more miserable and confused, but I tell you buddy, get on to it, and discover a new world.
I bet it will be a different experience. Fight out every bit. This journey of life can be limited, but the experiences our souls can percieve can cross the body. That is the power of the soul. I keep telling myself, many a times, that I have experienced quite a bit in the form and shape I am, but what is beyond.
I am not trying to appease you or motivate you, but slowly see for a different experience, a different perspective. Today we all will try to see the world through that perspective. You tell, we listen and understand. We are all with you...Embrace the new experience.

Roll the wheel now and the Wheel of Time will answer the rest :-)

with best wishes and love,

KARY said...

Jeevan, Just went thru ur blogs. Very interesting. A new blog friend here for u. All the Best!

PreethZzZ The Original said...

I can understand your confusion. Don't think of it as something that assist but rather as something that enables...
Hope the wheel chair will lead to an exciting new world for you, where you will be able to go around and see things you have previously not... Glad to have you as a friend. :)


Jeevan said...

Suman - Thanks. Your words encourageing me, i am ready to fight with wheels.

Jeevan said...

Kary - thanks. welcome to my blog friend. friend is a single word has a power.

Jeevan said...

Preethi - I am proud to have a friend like you, Thanks.:)

Jagan said...

Jeevan ..look man ..you have made so many friends now on the internet .Don't you think its time for you to venture out and make some friends near your house ? go ahead man ...there are positive sides too. think about those ..you dont have to rely on your parents now . You can explore a bit on your own machi ..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

If the Wheelchair can make you a bit mobile...it is good for you I feel.

To start with it might be an annoyance and it might also bother you mentally...but thinking about it...It would be easy to get around and gradually you'll adjust to it.

I was reading somewhere yesterday that a Lady uses an electric wheelchair so that she can be on her own.

So , my friend, check it out...You might like it after all.

AF said...

Dear friend Jeevan,
First time in your blog, came here thru Narayanan sir's blog. Life is an experience, try out the wheelchair. It will work out good for you. Sometime things which we feel will not suit us, will work out better once tried, so go ahead and check it out.

Take care

Phoenix said...

there is a positive side to everything that happens...you can be mobile and independent of others think about it that way...

Krish said...

Jeevan, to inspire you, I want to say this. I was watching Visu's Arattai Arangam on Sunday and he had featured a disabled person on stage who had polio from his childhood and was despondent that he had no future. He got a friend in an elderly person who showed him that even with his condition, he can go ahead and win international recognition. So, that gentleman trained this disabled person in sports such as javelin, shotput etc. and will fetch the ball/spear everytime this person tried.

Finally that person's sacrifice paid off when this disabled person won prizes not only at national level competitions for the disabled but even at the international level, the recent win being in the UK. This person used a wheelchair throughout. So think of this as the starting point of better things in your life. Good luck :-)

Truly Yours said...


Try panni pathutu thaan sollu. Approam paapom. Why worry before itself?. Otherwise how are things with you?. Gf(s) kedaichutala.....;)

Katpadi Murali said...

Jeevan You are not alone anymore. There are plenty of kind hearted people in this world. Thanks to the Age of Internet, the Emotional Attachment gets a personal touch through your desktop. Blogging has many constructive and useful role to play and your case is a classic example crossing Oceans, Land Masses and all barriers in this World. Take care and We are there with you always.

Unknown said...

Give it a go Jeevan, it might be just the thing to change your day to day life and meet people. Go for it and keep blogging.

Priyamvada_K said...

Hi Jeevan,
New to your blogs. You sound like a very positive and courageous person.

Consider me as one more blog friend.

Take care,

Adaengappa !! said...

Its all about being independent /self dependent and improved quality of life. U got a new life..Go ahead with it and explore the world..

Its still a sad state of affairs that many places at India/Chennai are not disabled friendly/Wheel chair accessible..but familiarize yourself with your rights !! Cheers !!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone has said already, this would definitely make you more independent.

There is nothing to be shy or hesitant. Just go ahead and do what you think is right. The world will follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeevan, i can understand the initial hesitation you have...but, as our friends told above, it will definitely make you independent and you will get a new experience....good luck, buddy.

Prasanna said...

Hi Jeevan,

I can understand your feelings. But What your parents did is for your good only. They want you to be independent. Which will give you extra energy. Pass your Phone number to my mail id. (prasanna(dot)v(at)gmail(dot)com). So that i can reach you over the phone.

Anonymous said...

the wheel chair might be for all the good reasons...u just need to go with it,to know its benefit.

ioiio said...

Kalavum Katru mara..

Try using it and no one is gonna stop u from not using it if u dont like it.

All said and done.. Maybe u shud still remain independant and shudnt bank on the wheel chair when u know u can do some of the things even without it.

Jeevan said...

Jagan Thanks – I will use the wheel chare and get good friends like u, I think there will be some friends wait for me.

Venkitu Sir – I will obey your words and I will take the WC.

AF – I will try the WC friend. Thanks.

Jeevan said...

Phoenix - I think it will reduce difficulties to my parents. Thanks friend.

Thennavan - I visit your blog one time, but I dint read the post because it was very long, I feel lazy to read, but now I worry for that. Your words really encouraged me Thanks friend. I also saw the arratai arangam program 3 months back. One disable boy, come to the show, his friend carry him on back and take him to the stage, that disable boy invented a Iron Box, Air cooler and Microwave one, it really impressed me.

Jeevan said...

Truly yours - Try pannitu sollran machi. GF yennamum kadaikala.:(

Murali – thanks friend, the Blog is a gift for me.

Wicked Angel – yes friend I will use it. Thanks.

Priya – thanks friend. Welcome to my world.

Jeevan said...

Prabu – Thanks, I think in chennai the WC awareness is less.

Gayathri – Thanks friend. I will use WC.

Sundaresan – I will take the WC and put me in Independent. Thanks dear.

Jeevan said...

Prasanna – thanks friend, I know the parents will tell only good. I will pass my phone No to you.

Kay – I will take the benefit friend. Welcome to my world.

Ioiio - Ya, I also thinking like this. Welcome friend

Prabhu S said...


Wheel chair would help you to explore more. Get going!

Aatma said...

Hey Jeevan, new to your blog, it is a very interesting blog.

On this blog, i can understand the confusion and the pain you are going through. But you know what we all are with you - And i wish from all my heart that you surpass this hurdle and look at the wheel chair not as a disability but an aid to further yourself in life.

I have blogrolled you, whenever u get an oppurtunity do visit my blog too.

Jeevan said...

Prabhu S - Thanks friend.

Aatma - Thanks to blogrolled me. i fell your words.

B said...

hey Jeevan,
As everyone told you, let this wheel chair be your stepping stone for becoming independent. I am sure after the initial hesitation, it will be very helpful for u.

Cheer up!!