Monday, September 26, 2005

The Island review Ends

While returning from there, he saw an amazing scene. I was surprised to see that. There was a room full of Cloning Eggs!! Inside the Eggs, there are humans sleeping like a baby (like baby sleeping inside the Mother embryo). They cut the eggs and taking the humans out. I hadn’t and can’t dream a scene like this. And Ewan saw another incident, where doctors taking organs from cloning humans. After seeing that incidents he realizes that who are going to Island are killed.

While he returning from that place after seeing the incidents, he was captured in hidden video camera. While check the camera the gang head saw him on the video and tells the guards to catch him but he is escaping with his best friend (Scarlett) who is ready to go for Island. And tell her the details what is happening there. And they two come out of that place, and seeing the world for there first in there life. They travel for some kilometers and go to a bar; there they saw a scientist who works in cloning gang. Ewan attack the scientist, then the scientist tell them they are not normal humans they are cloned person. I realize from this scene they are cloned. The scientist help them to go for city, he gives his credit cards and some cash.

They travel in a bullet train and goes to city. The cloning gang head sent some illegal police to catch them; they escape from police and running. The chasing shot was amazing it looks like Video Game. The Ewan and Scarlett where jump on a tanker lorry and removing the iron wheels from the tanker. The wheels hits the cars and Vans in which the police travel the hitting scene was super and the cars and vans are destroying and from tanker they jump on a bike the bike is super, it fly like a flight in the sky and goes like a bike in read, they take the bike and flying and helicopter chase them and finally the bike crash on a big building (like September 11 incident) and they were hanging on a advertisement board and the board falls from the highest building, but they escape.

They hide in a house, there they saw a man like Ewan (Hero) they were shocked. And they tell the incidents what happen to them. The duplicate Ewan tell the he will help, but Scarlett dint hope him. Duplicate Ewan present him a super car, he teach Ewan how to drive. He takes Ewan to drive on the road and that time police came and chase him. The duplicate Ewan is a member of that illegal Police; he gives the message to them. Finally the police catch them. Here the two Ewan tell police I am not Cloned, I am not cloned finally the police shoot the dupicate Ewan and take them. They release the Ewan (hero) and he went to his best friend and tells I am Ewan the duplicate was killed by police. Here there Love Starts as usual with a beautiful kiss.

Ewan and Scarlett put a plan to save the cloned people who are in under the control of the cloning gang, but police catch Scarlett and take him to the cloning place, she escape from them and Ewan is also coming to that place. Now the gang sent some cloned person to Island, to take there organs and kill, but Ewan and Scarlett release them and Destroyed that gang and kill the scientists. And all of them coming out of that place and get freedom. Now the Ewan’s Dream comes True. Ewan and her Lover (Scarlett), travel on the Boat. The End.

For Michael Bay (Director), this is an opportunity to strike into new territory. The special effects are among the best I had seen recently.
The chemistry between him and Scarlett Johansson makes it that much more interesting, especially when you know that their minds are only as developed as that of 15-year-olds. The Island had the potential to be as philosophical and profound as The Matrix, but it simply chooses not to. Hence, it does not tax your brain too much, just teases it a little and goes down fighting, all guns blazing.

You just cannot leave your brains behind, when you watch this movie.

Overall it was a Sci-fi action adventure. Watch it soon.


Jeevan said...
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awakeningcoma said...

hi jeevan, i like ur name full of life u to be of same kind. machi i hav seen the mavie on the first day i too liked the movie vry too one day direct a movie like tat and ull write the review in ur blog the same way.hope these thinga happen.

Jeevan said...

awakening - I hope you dream will come true and i will write your movie review on my blog. Thanks machi