Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Rain

ஊசி தும்பி / Needle dragonfly
Chennai is under clouded sky
it drizzles throughout day and night
sometime slightly heavily
it pours down to earth

Seasons change in order, is nature
but it’s indeed unnatural these days
because raining in summer
a summer like never before

The frogs, leaches and snails
that come into exist, because of the rain
leaps and leisurely movies in pace
mess up, after crushed under the wheels

The climate is too pleasant
to enjoy the nature and its existence
I blend with the weather
at every change I get into the shower

I wish the season continue like this
forever, keeping away the distress
and struggle of people under hot sun
and the rain stops, before it flood and drain.

The needle dragonfly in the picture is captured in my home garden. I love this species from my childhood and had attempted to catch them many times.


Devika Jyothi said...

Nice to have a poem from you Jeevan :)

And nice photo too -- but i guess its damselfly -- the (darning) needle dragonfly i think is the large one's with shorter tails -


Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

dear jeevan,
ya,something amazing is happening to our dearest Chennai.
people have often been making derogatory remarks about its climate, often comparing it with Bangalore.
"See, I am not inferior to Bangalore.In any healthy competition I will win " so says chennai.
All are enjoying this happy climate.
As usual, your poem and the photo is really good.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Nicely penned lines Jeevan! Do enjoy the weather as long as it lasts!

And yes, much like you, I've spent a number of wonderful years of childhood flying after the needle dragonfly! It is thus a very integral part of my childhood!

Lakshmi said...

lovely pic and its been a beautiful weather-yr words go with the feel of the season

Jeevan said...

Devika - Thank you dear and you are right about the species, its damselfly! :)

ponniyinselvan – Thank you mom, I agree with u and no more to say, and its simply pleasure.

Rakesh – Thank you buddy, I am enjoying a lot the weather. We share the same thing nicely :)

lakshmi – Thank you and I know we were at a kind of enjoying rain.

cyclopseven said...

very well composed verses.

Pria said...

Well written and thaz a very nice picture.

krystyna said...

I like poems about Nature,
about weather,
and you write beautifully...
from the heart.

This photo is wonderful!

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful poem.