Friday, July 31, 2020

Another Rainbow Evening and Altocumulus

Last Sunday happened to be another rainbow evening and second in the month of July. The former one is here, if u want to see. I was happy to see the favourite thing appear over the sky again, exactly close to the same location, direction and angle. Though it was mild this time, the blue sky and clouds on the backdrop steer the sky to look prettier. Following that we got a sort of pleasant weather for few days caused from mild to heavy rain, and some time the sky looks cloudy and altocumulus spread wings over the blue sky. The sky comes up in pretty pattern these days and the altocumulus show up in day times settle for mild showering or supposed to rain scenario. But not to forget, the menacing mosquitoes had doubled its troops and began attacking from evening through night. 

Altocumulus clouds from the morning of the same rainbow evening.

Above is the rain scene (snapped through the balcony) from two days back and it was a heavy showing for nearly an hour and it continued for few more hours pulling back slowly in pace to rest.

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Nanchi said...

Wonderful sky shot! I love Altocumulus Clouds. Nice one.

ashok said...

Nice feel to see the rainbow

Tom said...

...a day with a rainbow is special!

bill burke said...

Beautiful photos, Jeevan. What a pretty rainbow, I like it. Nice capture of the rain, it looks like it was coming down strong.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

Anita said...

Agree with Billl.Beautiful photoes!

wish you a happy weekend!

George said...

You got beautiful pictures of the sky and the rainbow, but I was sorry to hear about all the mosquitoes.

kestrel said...

Surprise that the rainbow appeared almost in the exact same place in the sky again. Looks like a real heavy downpour, should hav cooled your home quite a bit. STAY DRY!

rudraprayaga said...

Beautiful pictures with appose write-up. Clouds with their various forms drag minds for minutes and hours.

carol l mckenna said...

Wow! A rainbow and gorgeous sky shots ~ ^_^

Live with love each moment ~

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