Monday, May 10, 2021

The state of home quarantines

I think the government was right when controlling the covid 1st wave. It had correctly predicted the mood and behavior of the people to cover the gateway of the houses with tin sheets as a measure of denying access to the covid patient to come out of the house and spreading the virus. Just because people find it difficult and discomfort, the government dropped the action later. Only notification is stick to the house entrance to indicate a covid positive in the house to warn people exposed to the infection. But people took it as an advantage and began to roam out without any consciousness that they are putting other lives in danger.

Though it is our responsibility to support those in quarantine, the same goes for the opposite to cooperate in similar ways that those who aid us are unaffected by the same. Perhaps because of that too, the cases might rise a bit. I see a little indifference from the government side too, while they say don't come to the hospital if the covid wasn't serious, how do they make sure those in-home quarantines aren’t spreading the virus? In those days, health care workers visit the affected home and spray disinfectant and enquire about their status. Even though it's not possible to check with all as the cases rose 4 to 5 times than the previous wave, we expect some more tightening with home quarantine or more quarantine centers for those who can't afford with their home or indifferent in attitude.

Attitude matters a lot in individuals who are affected by covid because it decides either the infection is confined to oneself to disappear or spread to near ones. With lockdown in the state, the social spreading should hopefully be reducing, but the spread between the families becomes a question. I truly urge those in quarantine to act with consciousness; I know your mindsets are out of concentration, and your sufferings are undefinable and nervous to unending, but along with it, I like to inspire you that you have the social responsibility too to make sure, at least the infection doesn't affect your family. Stay safe, stay away and stay confident.


Tom said...

...too many don't treat this as a health emergency.

bill burke said...

Hope the situation changes for the better. We always see the updates on our local news website. All you can do is take care of yourself and family and follow the rules. Too bad there are many who still don't get it.
Take care and stay safe, Jeevan.

Anita said...

We have the Indian virus also here in Bergen also too now ,but little of us is infected by it..may be the pfizer got rid of it..I really dont they say it is something about the genes..Mostly people from Asia and Pakistan here is ill with covid ,any way it is only speculations

I hope you still stay safe it will pass in some time this dreaful shitty virus!

All good to you.I pray for your country and think of you and your family

carol l mckenna said...

You write so well about this Covid in your country ~ it is so difficult for all of us ~ social responsibility is a needed everywhere ~ Be safe ~ be well ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Nancy Chan said...

So true, some people are not taking this pandemic seriously just because they or their family member is not affected. It is everyone's responsibility to protect themselves as well as others, not just depending on the authority to do it alone. Do take care and stay safe.

Twilight Man said...

The whole world is very concerned with the huge number of new cases and deaths happening in your country. We have all news on TV reporting daily updates about India. I pray that everyone will be safe there.

Elsie Amata said...

I absolutely agree, Jeevan. Attitude matters. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way.