Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brain Power meet Army Power

PM & President
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Today is an important day for India and Pakistan because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President Musharraf will meet in New York and discuss about India and Pakistan Peace process.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would tell Pakistan, that his government was not sleeping for the last 365 days when they meet in New York today. It could be the Prime Minister’s turn to talk about sleepy Pakistan villages, all habitation around Mansehra, which have centers for training militants to be sent into Indian, and Afghanistan.

Dr.Singh would tell the Musharraf that the terror network has gained more vigour in the past few months and Pakistan should follow up on Musharraf’s promise to deny a base for terrorist organizations. The external affairs ministry believes that even though Musharraf is serious about curbing jehadi infiltrators, many of the commitments on stopping terrorism have not been translated action on the ground.

Business is very high on Manmohan Singh’s agenda. We expect the New York summit would be an opportunity to boost the economic side of the relationship between two countries. Major initiatives of Singh have worked: inaugurating Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service and allowed Harriyat leaders to Pakistan in same route. Thy bus service may not be getting enough patronage, but it has changed the mood on both sides Kashmir. Singh could promise high level of contract and reduce in armed forces in the Kashmir valley if violence stops. And reducing troops from Siachen. Dr Singh hopes Pakistan would provide transit facilities throught its soil to Afghan, center Asia, Iran and the Gulf. The proposal for the $3 billion gas pipeline form Iran to Pakistan and India, on which all three countries have agreed in principle, still has many hurdles to cross.

Dr.Singh would be telling Musharraf that giving general transit facility for goods from and to India would help Pakistan develop its trade and infrastructure.

I hope the peace process should continue smooth.


Prasanna said...

Hi Jeevan,

you really admire me man. I can see you are covering all kind of information. Whats your hobbie? How you pass your time. btw i have asked for your phone number. Lemme know it please.

Jeevan said...

Yes friend, i am passing my Phone now check it. my hobby is Reading Magazine & Blog, listin music, Drawing and Playing Keyboard.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Jeevan, tell me if this is wrong.

Let's give PAK what they want, ( Go Gandhi style, ahimsa and let them take it).

And then let's leave in peace. Why are we fighting, spending all the money and resources on a battle that is never going to be one.!

That's always been my thought. Might hurt the feelings of some, I am sorry.!

Jeevan said...

Venkitu - No sir, you are Wright.

But when we tell them what you want take it, they will take the whole India. Then all will be close. So they should put Kashmir as a public place for India and Pakistan, it will be easy to talk with each other’s. For this we should first put an end for militants. Then it will be done automatically.

There is any wrong, i am sorry.

Anonymous said...

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