Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Island Review 1

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My dad and me yesterday went to Prathana Drive-in Theater to see The Island. I was very interested to saw the movie, so I told to my dad to go soon and see the movie from first. But the movie starts at 7.15. Every time I like to go to theater before 10 minutes the film start, because I like to see the Documentary film, yesterday they put the Child labor Documentary film, it was very nice. The story tells education is an important to every child. Children’s age below 14 should not go to work.

After the Documentary movie finished the Island starts

The Story

There was a gang of scientist who creates Cloning Humans and takes their organs and selling, after selling the organs they kill them. From there two cloning persons (Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson). Were escaping and coming to the city. They see the world for the first time, and they realize they are cloning persons. The gang sent the illegal Police to catch the, they are escaping from them and running running and running for 45 minutes. And afterwards they decided do help the Cloning people and release them from there and destroyed that place.

Details of Island (ScreenPlay).

The movie starts on the boat. Here the camera was flying from the air it shows a blue sea,
and a boat, In that boat a beautiful girl was standing and a man coming near to that girl, suddenly they both fall in to the sea and suddenly the man opens his eyes and seeing that, it was a dream. He was the Hero Ewan McGregor and the beauty girl is Heroine (Scarlett Johansson).

Ewan is living in a place like big hospital. There are lots of people roaming in white dress like prisoners. I thought they are workers working or scientist. The hero and some persons are going into a room, it looks like a lift, inside that room there was a screen, some words are coming on the screen like who will win the lottery. In that many faces are coming, from that they will select a person and send them to Island. But really they are not sending them to Island. What is Island? I am very confused.

The head of the cloning call the Ewan (hero) and asking what r u going to do what is u r dream, he tells him about his boat dream. For 20 minutes I cant understand what is going on. The next day Ewan’s (Hero) Best friend Heroine (Scarlett Johansson) was selected to go for Island. They all have a party with her, because she is going to Island. Now Ewan has a doubt about the place where he is stay, he like to know what is happening. So he search for what is happening there, he hide and seeing a incident, a pegnent lady deliver a baby and they sold the baby to a couple who have no kid, afterwards they kill the women. He was shock, while returning from there he saw an amazing scene. I was surprised to see that scene Wow!


awakeningcoma said...

hi thanks, i thought of watchin the movie after readin ur blog decided against it.i wonder how these so called creaters get this type of weird ideas.yappa thalai suthuthu

Jeevan said...

awakening - that's Science. Watch the movie soon, is super.